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Project JOEL

Two women who were very enthusiastic to share and proclaim the gospel of Christ in the congregation of Jardín América, Misiones; were put in contact with LHM Agentina  and they asked us for an orientation to work sharing the message of Christ among the children and the teens in their area. So these women created the project of workshops including; puppets for children, caring for the environment for adolescents, as well as a sports workshop. Those who are graduating from secondary school have the opportunity to access employment workshop.13765811_1056169101130166_8972247655630829474_o

The women are Nelsi Hauer and Laura Hettinger and with the support of their pastor and his congregation Gabriel Strey presented this project to the authorities of various educational institutions, which has opened doors to move forward in developing it. God bless these activities.


This is the letter we received from Alicia, telling us about her job:


“Hello folks of  LHM: I’m glad to write you in order to let you know the results obtained so far in the work of the School N° 16. After placing the expositor in a wall at the entry, my coworkers were interested in the brochures. Regarding the received brochures, the parents of the students have been taken them each time they bring their children to the school. I’m also glad to tell you that the brochure of this month “Message for youth” has been well received for youth. My two sons, one is 18 and the other is 20 years old, have read it and they were interested in it. For that reason I would like to request two or three brochures more to share with some young people I know. Oh! And I can’t say good bye without thank you for the article published in The New Lutheran magazine about the work we are doing together! It has been encouraging for me and also a satisfaction to continue serving Jesus Christ wherever He calls us and in the way He wants. Please, sent my greetings to everyone in the team.


Sincerely: Alicia.

Sandra Romero

Sandra Romero lives in the city of Paraná, District of Entre Ríos. However, she was born in Viale, a little town close to Paraná, where since she was a child, she proved to be a curious and very active person. She says that, since she can remember, she felt the desire to help others. Still being catholic, when she was a teenager, she used to escape from her home to go to teach catechesis in the most poor and humble neighborhoods of her town.

When she had to choose a professional carrier to study, the first thing she thought was to study social sciences (Social Worker), but then she realized that she used to be so emotionally involved. So she chose to study economic sciences. Nowadays she works as accountant but she work in many social activities adhonorem (Without payment).

A few years ago, she started a relationship that takes her to know the Lutheran Church. Today she is a sister in faith with the vocation to serve others and work in social ministry of the Church.

She knew our ministry a couple of years ago and little by little she involved in our different programs. She is a leader by nature. She is associated to “women entrepreneurs of Paraná”, with who she shared our material with her colleagues. Now she is part of our program “Missionary Soul” in her congregation where a group of people is working moved by the love of God to help their neighbor.

We wish that God bless Sandra and strengthen her to serve others, because she wants to help her neighbor and share the gospel. We give thanks God for her, because we can count on her in our organization.



District Youth Gathering

Jeremias Meyer, our volunteer, tells us:

God gave me the opportunity to visit our young brothers in Christ, at the South District Youth  Gathering. I went in representation of LHM Argentina.

God blessed us with a beautiful weekend during which we were able to learn more about the Bible. We also shared songs, food, talks, etc. On Saturday , at the beginning of the Assembly, they provided me a special space to present the LHM. This was very good and we had a good response from the participants, especially regarding the text message program offered by the LHM227596_409637192435558_1127611877_n

We want to thank Pastor Weigum of Santa Rosa, La Pampa, for receiving and accommodating me, to the congregation and all the South District Youth Groups. May God continue to bless the work he is performing in them.

Text Message Program

We would like to share with you some of the answers our volunteers receive from the Text Message Program:

My dear friends, every time I receive your messages I forward them to other contacts, one of them was thinking of committing suicide and your messages were very encouraging. This person has changed his ideals, even his mind. Blessings (Daniel)

Hello, good morning. Yes, I have shared them, especially with a friend who has a lot of problems with her partner, and I have not seen her in a long time. I love her very much, she is a strong woman, very special to me!! (Nilda)

Yes, a woman told me she was not doing well because she left God aside. And through a message I wanted her tears to change into smiles and her darkness into peace. I also gave her CPTLN booklets and I am happy to feel useful. Blessings – (Graciela )

Ok, at least two of the people to which I sent messages answered that they needed to read something like that and asked me to invite them to a church service and I am waiting  (Cleidi )

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for always having me in mind, for being a part of this chain and all of us together under God’s love which opens doors to a new life through our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit which lives in all of us. Kisses and God be with you, protect you, and bless you (Juan Carlos)

HELLO CPTLN! Thanks to God and to you for allowing me to share the messages, which are also of hope to me! Everything is going well with my GAD contacts, my prayers for you, blessings and kisses (Doris )

Just so you know, I send 15 to 20 messages every Thursday, few people answer me, but nobody tells me not to send them anymore. (Noemí )

Hello my friends at “CPTLN” I am receiving the messages every Thursday I send them to my friends. Up to now I have not had any answers but I am hopeful that God is working in them. (Juana)

Thank you for your wise advice and thank you for always helping me… this is the answer from a contact. Blessings (Enrique)

Thank you for all!


We present a new collaborator: Jeremías

Hello to everyone, I am Jeremías Meyer, I am 20 years old, and I am pleased to share with you that I am  helping out at LHM Argentina  through the Concordia Seminary, who by means of an agreement with LHM Argentina, offers  volunteer work for 3rd year Seminary students, and I am currently in 3rd  year.

I am studying to become a pastor because I enjoy congregational activities since I was young, and I have always participated in them. I like to help out in the music area, playing the guitar, an instrument which I really love and another gift God has given me. At the Seminary, I am in 3rd year and if it is God’s will at the end of this year I will be preparing for three months of practice at a congregation.

At the LHM Argentina, I am helping out four hours a week, on Thursday afternoons, and now during July vacations I go from Monday to Friday in the afternoons. I have several tasks, but I mostly answer phone calls, collect booklet requests, prepare packages for congregations, enter data to the computer, choose Bible verses for the 2012 calendar, and many other things.

It is a great blessing to be able to work along with Gloria and Ingrid. We are always there to help each other and make this work a blessing, not a burden, a work we do with joy because we know it is for the Lord.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Mathew 5:16)

Our new volunteer in Rosario city.

Sara Treves is a woman who participates at the congregation in the city of Rosario.

She was one of the participants at the ETS we held in the month of April. On that opportunity, she decided to become a volunteer and is now collaborating with the local pastor in the attention of the Rosario mission, until a missionary is placed in this city. She shares with us the work she is carrying out:

  • When I begin the task of opening the office, I do it singing a Hymn of praise to the Lord, which inspires me.
  • Then I pray to God asking him to send someone to this place who may be blessed by sharing verses from the Holy Bible, according to his/her need.
  • I see that everything is clean and tidy, and try to keep it that way.
  • I write different bible verses on the board on the sidewalk.
  • I write some of these on cardboard and hang them on the walls of the office.
  • I contact the referrals by phone to see how they are doing with the booklets they have taken and are reading.
  • On some opportunities, if the occasion requires it, I make specific prayers for the Holy Spirit to act, either by phone o during an office visit.
  • I pay attention to the people who stop to look at the shop window and talk with them so they can learn about the mission of Enfoque or what LHM means.
  • I invite them to come to the church services which take place at the Lutheran Church, I hand out calendars with the day and hour of the mentioned services: address, phone number, and name of the Pastor who represents us.
  • At each service or event that takes place at the Church there is a table with all of  LHM’s booklets.

We always mention during the announcements after the service, that the booklets are available to give to family members, friends, and neighbors, as well as to share the Gospel with others.

“When we carry out our duties with responsibility and love, we gain rights; for example, the right to be trusted in”

Sara Alicia Treves