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A different story

The last day of our participation in the National Convection of Lutheran Ladies, there was a lady who approached to us very excited. She told us that she was talking with the chief of the waiters who were in charge of the catering service. Andrea (the chief of the waiters) was asking to that woman about who we are. Adriana told her that the cordiality of the ladies, the respect, the talks, the attitudes and the way they behaved each other called her attention. She had the opportunity to observe us during four days and she realized that it was something different in this big group of ladies. Without doubting our sister in Christ gave her witness and told her roughly who we are and what we believe. She neither doubted in asking us for some material to share with her and the waiters. So we had the opportunity to deliver to all of them our brochure “What Lutherans believe and teach”. The local pastor Rodolfo Sexauer came with us to make the delivering of the material. He told them about his monthly visits to that place and He also expressed his disposition to all of them for any question they have. It was a beautiful moment because almost without knowing it there we were, giving witness and talking with twenty eight people who we had just met for first time. We thanks specially to our sister who, moved by faith, allowed us to be instrument of Our Lord.


New Lutheran School

As part of our job, we support the project “A Bible for every family” of San Vicente Lutheran School in Misiones. In a special event, each student’s family received a Bible as a gift together with a calendar or our Institution. This has let that the Word of God be present in 26 homes. The most of these families are not Lutherans, so this is a big opportunity to reach them with a message of Hope.San Vicente 2 San Vicente

Missionary work

Pastor Walter Mayer wrote to tell us about the missionary work that He had suggested us to make and for which we sent to him some of the Bibles that we were given by LHM :

“Hello Brothers: The last year, 2014, We received some Bibles with the Small Catechism and We were motivated to share our faith in this place where we live. The people who received the material as those who delivered it were very glad with the experience.

The happiness is something that God gives us in every moments of our lives, but when the happiness is being a servant of God, who can share the good news of the Kingdom of God, so then the happiness is complete in Christ, by faith. We share this happiness by giving a Bible as a gift, together with a Small Catechism, which contain the doctrine We confess in six points.

Dear, I want to tell you that the people who came into our church have received the material (a Bible and a Small Catechism). They are very excited with the instruction they have received through questions and answers from the Small Catechism, based in the Holy Scriptures.

We want to introduce you two of the families who have received the material:

In this small house beside the canal, which run alongside the National Route 151, there are two families living at: Dario, his wife, and their daughter Yésica. Yésica has three children: Jazmín, Tiago (Who is going to be baptized soon) and Lucía.

We will continue studying the Word of God and the doctrines we believe and confess as a Church together with this family. It was this, the study of the Word of God, what made Yésica to want baptized her son Tiago. She understood that the Kingdom of God is also for children because, as John says in the third chapter of his Gospel: everyone need to be born again from God. Now She believes that and She want to baptize her son.

What we are sharing with you now is what God let us to live together with our brothers around us.

Our Lord bless you always.hijos

Visit to the Municipal Elderly (Nursing) Home

This is an activity initiated by the Lutheran Ladies League from the congregation of Maschwitz. Five ladies accompanied us to the Nursing Home. We shared the reading of the brochure “Pettings for the Soul”, and we gave a sample for each lady in the Nursing Home. We also shared a brief devotional and a prayer. Then we sang together, made some riddles and shared some candies and cookies.



We find Hector…

On our visit to the city of Viale, Entre Ríos, We find Hector . Hector teaches at two schools: the N° 197 and “Hernandarias School”, both schools of the city of Paraná. Today is also pursuing a degree in “Paya Médico” (“Medical Clown”). Hector is a member of the Lutheran Church of Viale along with his entire family. His mother Ursula, she is also a great volunteer of LHM. This time Hector approached us to tell us his experience by sharing material of LHM. He tells us that a while ago he had a very difficult student. She (the student) did not accept instructions, conversely She complained about everything. She was a rebellious teenager. Until one day, she got sick. She suffered a cardiophaty. And while recuperating, Hector went to visit her and took a brochure of LHM to her. A few days later, the teenager wrote a letter to him and forwarded it. It was a letter of thanks for the message given to her and the invitation to visit her again. From that moment it began a different relationship between the two and Hector was able to witness the love of God to her. He said that no doubt the material allowed her to open her heart and now she wants to hear what God can do in her life.

Hector Martinez1

Celebrate with grandparents

On 21st, We also shared a special moment for grandparents and older people in the community of Viale, Entre Rios. 107 grandparents attended the event.

Among other gifts, each took our special material for the elderly.

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Liliana´s story

Liliana Caula is a neighbor who lives two blocks far from the Lutheran Church in Don Torcuato (Buenos Aires). Last year, she received, together with other neighbors, the parish newsletter. This year, she attended to a conference opened to the community. The event was developed at the temple of Mission Don Torcuato, and it was organized together with our Foundation. The conference was about our brochure “Healing Wounds”. Since that event, Liliana participate in divine services at the Lutheran Church, and now she is making the course “Toward a New Life”, with the firm intention of confirmation of her faith at the end of the course.

She herself wrote to us: “My name is Lily Caula. Last year I received the bimonthly newsletter, corresponding at September – October 2013, from the congregation of “El Redentor” (“The Redeemer”). I enjoyed the newsletter, but I didn’t approach the church, even I not get in touch with her, because I thought that that Church was only for German people. This year, I received again an invitation to attend to a conference on Saturday 17th May and I accepted it. I get interested in the Lutheran Church and the members of that congregation shared with me all the information I asked them for. I was received very well and since then I’m in the Church. Now I’m making a Biblical course and I’ve learned a lot. I feel so happy for having found such nice place where it’s felt that we are a family. Thank you very much for accept me… Liliana.