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Meetings in our Ministry Center.

img-20160803-wa0000 During the first and second of August, we held meetings in our Ministry Center. The theme that we addressed was digital scope. In attendance was our International Director, Dr. Douglas Rutt, director for Latin America, Dr. Nilo Figur, the director of Brazil, Mr. Paulo Warth, the project manager Mr. Flavio Knopp, director of Uruguay Ms. Gabriela silveira, Pastor Hector Fester our institution chaplain and our director,Mrs. Gloria Tolisano. It was a time very well spent where we began to give form to our project. The next stage will be ready to present at our general directors meeting in October.

Project JOEL

Two women who were very enthusiastic to share and proclaim the gospel of Christ in the congregation of Jardín América, Misiones; were put in contact with LHM Agentina  and they asked us for an orientation to work sharing the message of Christ among the children and the teens in their area. So these women created the project of workshops including; puppets for children, caring for the environment for adolescents, as well as a sports workshop. Those who are graduating from secondary school have the opportunity to access employment workshop.13765811_1056169101130166_8972247655630829474_o

The women are Nelsi Hauer and Laura Hettinger and with the support of their pastor and his congregation Gabriel Strey presented this project to the authorities of various educational institutions, which has opened doors to move forward in developing it. God bless these activities.