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Our 70 Anniversary in Argentina

1 The 31st of July we celebrated our seventieth anniversary. We celebrated with a Thanksgiving service. We began the day with the installation of Concordia Seminary. In attendance was the president of IELA to preach and the director of the Concordia Center of missional education; Antonio Schimpf as the liturgist.


Among us was our international director Dr. Douglas Rutt and our Regional Director Dr. Nilo Figur. We also received a visit form our neighboring directors from: Brazil; Mr. Paulo Warth, Uruguay; Mrs. Gabriela Silveyra, and Paraguay; Mr. Victor Verruk. During the service, Dr. Rutt installed our Chaplain; Pastor Héctor Fester. In total we were 180 persons. After the service we had the opportunity to share a lunch. In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to hear from our visitors and also some of our volunteers that were present. We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to celebrate in the company of everyone.




ETS In El soberbio city!


 The second and third of July we executed an ETS in a city; El Soberbio, located in Misiones provence. There were 28 members who participated.

On Saturday morning was the teaching (theory) part and in the afternoon five groups were formed to conduct visits on previously contacted persons.

Sunday morning four of the families visited to participate in the service. Everyone was very happy!


A great volunteer!

12485891_10206016704439208_5076903154061664132_oToday we would like to share the story of Juan Carlos. He is 60 years old and is married to Haydee (a second marriage). He does big things working to install bathrooms and natural gas (all people use in the homes for heat and cooking). He also works in construction. He has been participating in our church for many years. He is a committed person in his congregational work. He has been one of our volunteers for sometime. His main activity is making visits especially on the sick in hospital and in their homes. He told us that he is able to leave flyers when he makes the visits and the people he visits are very thankful for the word of comfort and strength that they share. His next goal is to begin visiting the unchurched, or those who are separated from the church for some time. We have been conversing with him about the strategies and materials he can use in doing this. God bless his work and may he be used according to His holy will and may He permit us to support this work!