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“Sensitivity- The person with disability and their environment”

We were present in a workshop of “Sensitivity- The person with disability and their environment”  hosted by our volunteer Maria Asunción Cuyas D. The workshop was presented by Mr. Norberto Emilio Rasch, (Theologian and Licensed in Psychology with the National University of Cordoba, Argentina) with his diploma in inclusion and development of the disabled. He is the coordinator for the Rio de la Plata of the Latin American Network for the Defense of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Presenting workshops on Inclusion of those with disabilities in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. He has experience in working in the area of the disabled for 22 years. Maria Asuncion shared our material on “disabilities” with the participants and had an opportunity to talk with many of them.13501808_10207046363297662_6840657565029526870_n


“Strength for Hard Times”.

“I’m Monica Carrasco and I will to tell my story and that of many people in my city:

The last flood of the Uruguay River reached 16 meters on December 24, 2015, the day of Christmas Eve. It was the saddest Christmas of my life and that of many others as well.

Pastor Fabian Hill visited us during their surveys of the affected areas and then, he and people of the Lutheran Church assisted us with a lot of things ( clothes, foods, etc) and they  still do today. But this help was not only material, also brought faith and hope.concordia

The people of the Lutheran Church brought gifts for the children also, and they been able to celebrate Epiphany.  We are entirely grateful for so much love that they have had with us. “

All people affected by that floods received our booklet “Strength for Hard Times”.

Today, Monica is participating at the church in different activities.  She will be a new member soon!