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Juan Carlo´s story

Juan Carlos is a man who for the past few years has been coming to our Ministry Center to collect the pledge we have made to support the volunteer firemen center in our neighborhood. Some time ago he told us that he is a Christian and in each visit we have the opportunity to talk about the faith. In the first days of January, he visited us again and he told us that he didn’t hold membership with any church for some time. We invited him to participate at one of the Lutheran Churches closer to his address. We put him in contact with the local pastor and Juan Carlos started to participate there. When he visited us in February he told us about how happy he was to meet the people in the congregation and also how nice it was to participate in the divine service. We also received a message from Pastor Gerardo Meyer telling us how happy he is for receiving him and how encouraged Juan Carlos is for participating in the church.


Sharing a hope message

During December, Concordia City, province of Entre Ríos, suffered the greatest flood of the past few years. During January, we were accompanying and helping the people in need through the local pastor and some of the members there. It was shared with the people our materials such as “Overcoming moments of crisis” and “Starting again”.



This is the letter we received from Alicia, telling us about her job:


“Hello folks of  LHM: I’m glad to write you in order to let you know the results obtained so far in the work of the School N° 16. After placing the expositor in a wall at the entry, my coworkers were interested in the brochures. Regarding the received brochures, the parents of the students have been taken them each time they bring their children to the school. I’m also glad to tell you that the brochure of this month “Message for youth” has been well received for youth. My two sons, one is 18 and the other is 20 years old, have read it and they were interested in it. For that reason I would like to request two or three brochures more to share with some young people I know. Oh! And I can’t say good bye without thank you for the article published in The New Lutheran magazine about the work we are doing together! It has been encouraging for me and also a satisfaction to continue serving Jesus Christ wherever He calls us and in the way He wants. Please, sent my greetings to everyone in the team.


Sincerely: Alicia.