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Who is Mary?

Today we want to share with you the story of Mary. She is a compromised Christian with her church work and also with those in need. Since years Mary cares an old lady who is sick. Her name is Irma. Every day she goes to her house and helps her especially with her recovery: exercises like walking on the park. Mary takes her to her own house to drink tea and she also cooks for her some pies and cookies. And she is always talking to her about Jesus and the hope we have in Him.

The truth is that with the pass of the time Irma’s health was deteriorating until she needed to be moved to a nursery home. In spite of this Mary continues visiting Irma in her new home, but now some new friends have joined them and they listen from Mary about Jesus and His salvation work. The last time they shared a visit, Mary shared with all of them our new material for Advent time. In the pictures we can see the elders reading the Advent devotionals. The Word of God is being seed on them. We hope that they find the strength and comfort in this phase of their lives. We know that Mary will continue visiting them and she will bring to them the message of hope they need so much.

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