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Stand at the annual fair of CEMC (Concordia Mission Education Center):

12075034_1091378957546431_7253861325631587835_nAs every year, we were present at the fair organized by the CEMC for the entire educational community. Students, teachers, parents, family and neighbors gathered at the given place. Under the guidance of our chaplain, all seminary students who work with us this year had the opportunity to share with visitors of the exhibition about our work. Some of the visitors came to ask for specific materials which will be delivered through the school chaplain.12107131_1091379367546390_350412789829065910_n

Workshop about stress

Foto 2 de Estres El soberbioLast November in Soberbio, province of Misiones, it was performed a workshop about stress directed to teachers of the educational institution n° 740. Twenty five teachers attended to the event. It was a moment of distension. We could share the message of God through the material with a positive and realistic focus. Making clear that God has a wonderful plan for each one of those who suffer because of the stress. At the end we shared the material with the people present.



Presentation of the work of LHM in classes of Mission Strategies at Concordia Seminary:

As part of the training of the future pastors and as an invitation from the Professor of that subject, it was performed a chat with the seminarians about the mission strategies that We use in LHM for reach the non Christians. The participation of eight seminarians made possible a rich chat with a lot of exchange and learning.