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Month of the Bible

On 18th, 19th and 20th of September we performed an exposition referring to the month of the Bible in the city Montecarlo (Misiones). It was in a shop and the invitation was extended to the entire town to participate. People learned about different types of Bibles and also had access to all our brochures.

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ILC conference

This conference took place in our country this time. Our International Director Douglas Rutt and our Area Director Pastor Nilo Figur were invited to the event. On Wednesday 23rd, we received them in our Ministry Center, where we share the afternoon with the staff and after that we had a meeting with the board. On Friday 25th LHM was the sponsor of a dinner for all the people who attended to the conference. On Sunday 27th we had the opportunity to share the end of the event with a special worship and a typical lunch which took place in the Concordia Seminary facilities. It was a time of blessing and camaraderie among everyone.



Celebration to the elders!




 It took place last September 19th. The local Pastor Gabriel Klenovsky shared a beautiful reflection based on Isaiah 40:31. After this the Seminarian Vladimir Mendoza, who is making an internship in LHM Argentina, shared an audiovisual which showed many thing according to the Pastor’s reflection, his goals and his scope. Then he greeted each person present and he gave to each of them our brochure “Caresses for the Soul”. Some young volunteer people were serving tea, coffee and sweet cookies while the rest of the people were enjoying a couple of comic performances. After this everyone enjoyed a very good time listening German music. We thank to Our Lord because He gave us the privilege of “giving joyfully from what we have received from His hands, fruit of His Spirit”. Only to God be the glory!



ETS together with Concordia Seminary

From 5th to 6th of September it was performed an ETS together with Concordia Seminary in Aristóbulo del Valle, district of Misiones. The course which was taught was “ETS”. It was guided by Pastor Héctor Fester, the chaplain of LHM Argentina, together with Pastor Leandro Hübner, professor of mission at Concordia Seminary.

There was a participation of 82 people from the District of Misiones. Many of them are teacher at Bible Schools. We knew this beforehand, so we add a workshop called “Missionary Bible School” guided by Chaplain Héctor Fester.

        We are very thankful to God for these days we shared with that people and for the mutual growth in learning how to proclaim the gospel. We are also thankful to God for the 36 volunteers who join up the programs offered by LHM.


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