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Latin America Regional Director’s Workshop 2015.

Our Director Gloria Tolisano,  participated of the event performed in Nicaragua from 3rd to 10th October. The biblical studies about Law and Gospel were in charge of Rev. Ed Auger and his wife. The main issues discussed were Digital Outreach and Theology of Evangelism which were guided by Dr. Rutt, Revisiting Fundraising was in charge of Ms. Deborah Rutt and Matters of Ministry Center was in charge if Dr. Nilo Figur.


A special place…


Alindo is the owner of the Orquideario Catasetum, located in Monte Carlo, Misiones. It is a special attraction for thousands of tourists who visit per year. Alindo is a large volunteer. He is always attentive to our visitors and always takes the opportunity to share some of our brochures. For this reason, he has a special place in this organization in relationship to our goals and projects discussed earlier. Also, a percentage of his earnings is reserved for the mission and he is always making generous donations for the Church and for LHM. In his youth, Alindo started classes with Concordia Seminary, although he did not concluded his studies he tells us that he feels called to serve God from his humble place. If you go to his business you surely will not leave without a card of the place. The special feature of this card is that on the reverse you can find the logo of LHM and an inscription that says “providing help and offering a space to meet with God, in addition to our Phone number and email address. In this way, he has found a great way to let others know. Recently he had a couple of clients return to ask if he had any of our other materials. This has given him the opportunity to give  a testimony. Alindo is very happy to be able to work well for the Lord, and we know that through him we have help to find what we need.



Children´s day

August 20th we held a Celebration of “Children’s day” in the neighborhood of Independence: also a place of very low resources. For this event we were accompanied by pastor Damian Fischer (local pastor) and some local volunteers. Pastor Fischer was responsible for a small devotional for the children and then we shared a snack. To close the celebration, all 22 children were given 
he book “The angel with big feet”.