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Celebration of “Children’s day” in la Villa 31

11896192_10206420069037087_2624281213228668155_nLa Villa 31 is an impoverished suburb in the city of Buenos Aires. The settlement emerged in 1932 and today has more than 40,000 inhabitants. While it is not the largest settlement of the city, it is the most emblematic, given its strategic location, since it is located next to the main transportation station of the capital and a few meters away from the more popular neighborhoods. On Saturday August 15 in one of their community kitchens, we celebrated “Children’s day.” We played games, had snacks and gave gifts, including our new material “The Angel with big feet.” We were able to share with 35 children. It was a Wonderful experience!


A different story

The last day of our participation in the National Convection of Lutheran Ladies, there was a lady who approached to us very excited. She told us that she was talking with the chief of the waiters who were in charge of the catering service. Andrea (the chief of the waiters) was asking to that woman about who we are. Adriana told her that the cordiality of the ladies, the respect, the talks, the attitudes and the way they behaved each other called her attention. She had the opportunity to observe us during four days and she realized that it was something different in this big group of ladies. Without doubting our sister in Christ gave her witness and told her roughly who we are and what we believe. She neither doubted in asking us for some material to share with her and the waiters. So we had the opportunity to deliver to all of them our brochure “What Lutherans believe and teach”. The local pastor Rodolfo Sexauer came with us to make the delivering of the material. He told them about his monthly visits to that place and He also expressed his disposition to all of them for any question they have. It was a beautiful moment because almost without knowing it there we were, giving witness and talking with twenty eight people who we had just met for first time. We thanks specially to our sister who, moved by faith, allowed us to be instrument of Our Lord.


National Ladies Convention

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 From 16th to 19th July. During the event we had the opportunity to be in touch with almost nine hundred ladies from different parts of the country. All of them could accede to our materials and programs which were showed in our stand. We also had a special time in the agenda of the convention to promote our new material for ladies “Woman full time”. In that instance we had the opportunity to give thanks to all the people who contributed to the production of the new material through giving them presents.