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This is the story of Mr. Jorge Ciancio. He was ordained as pastor of the Lutheran Church Argentina last March and now he is in charge of the Lutheran mission in Santo Tomé, province of Santa Fe.

                “I remember that morning when that pastor appeared at my door. After that I offered myself to repair the harmonium of the church, he had the audacity to bring to me a material (a book) which he was inviting me to read. I looked suspiciously at that book. In its cover it could be seeing the division of a road in two different ends. On the one hand it was a desert with an angry sun foreshadowing a not very good stay, and on the second hand it was a kindly place, with a lot of green, mountains, palms, and a sun foreshadowing a paradise. In the center there was a man looking at those two roads and he was thinking which road he was going to take. I imagined what was the message behind that book. While I was watching the book, the pastor interrupted saying: “Do you notice some particularity? There is something in the localization of that man that has a deep message”. I had not realized of that but someone made me see it. He challenged me to read that material trying to understand what it was talking about.yo b

After the pastor left my house, I left that book, which was a biblical course, in my bedroom and I continued with my chores. I had recently come from Buenos Aires to Misiones. I had left behind serious problems and certain situations I lived which had marked me in such a strong way that I even couldn’t imagine. All that would bring hard fighting in the future. I was really in need of a “New Life” (That is how the biblical course was entitled), I thought, but I wasn’t disposed to believe that those sheets of a religious course could help me to find it.

I don’t know if it was because of spite or because I hadn’t anything to do at that moment. The truth is that in my free time I started to take a look to that course. Some technical details such as how we can know that God exists didn’t call my attention, but since the first reading I was interested in how each statement was based upon the Bible. Because of its biblical bases, the course made me feel that I wasn’t following a course based upon arguments of human authority. The Scriptures gave an important value to that study, even although in certain moments I wasn’t sure of attributing to that Scripture the category of Word of God truly revealed.

That course delved into issues of confrontation between the Word of God and the heart of man, and therefore what it said was gaining more weight. The more it showed me about what it said, the more I realized that it wasn’t different of what I had seen before: prisoner hearts in his own vanity, pride, sin. The authority of those words was not based on an argument of authority but to the very reality of what had touched me to live so closely.

From there the course was catching me and I was excited with making time to continue reading. I must say that everything was fine until that sin, such it’s well expressed as an inherent part wholeheartedly, also began to accuse me. It was not just what I had seen in others. It no it was what the circumstances or the others had done in my life. Now this was about what I was and about how I had contributed too much of what was happening to me. Thanks to God and his work in my heart, when the course invited me to do it, I could kneel and confess to God that I was a sinner and I needed the grace of God in Christ. That was my great liberation. I felt convinced that love and freedom, and that this exchange between my sins and the grace of Christ was real since that moment. I did not know then how much it would cost to me to overcome the experiences and traumas which had been made flesh in my life, but I was sure that something had definitely changed. That course called “Bible Course to a new life”( Bible course of LHM) and the shepherd who later would became a great mentor and friend was Luis Ricardo Franke.

Workshop in El soberbio

  1. Workshop about Radio programs in “El Soberbio”, Misiones: It took place 27th and 28th of June. The workshop was leaded by Miss Samanta Pfaffenzeller. She is a producer of radio and TV. She shared tips and advices to optimize the use of the radio fir mission tasks especially with those who lead the radial programs in the district off Misiones (20 persons). She was accompanied by our chaplain, Pastor Hector Fester. Certainly it was a wonderful experience for everyone, for growing and capacitating of the leaders.

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Joel Project

  1. BOP 87. Wanda. 06.15 We started developing the Joel project in the municipality of Wanda, Misiones. One of our volunteers, a teacher of secondary school, is the local coordinator of the project. She counts with support from her pastor and the entire congregation. She has access to different local schools. Some of the activities have already started and we are working in the planning for all the school year.

Workshop for 280 student in Wanda.

Alicia  lives in Viale (Entre Ríos). During this month she participated of the ETS which was performed in her city. She was impressed of the workshop and immediately she offered herself as volunteer to participate in the different programs that were offered in that opportunity. Some days later we received news from her. This is a part of her message:

“Good afternoon dear folks of LHM: last week I participated of the workshop “ETS”, performed in Viale, and since then it arose in me the restlessness of if it is possible to count with some of the brochures to take to the school where I work. I’m a music teacher in the Private School of Integral Education (special school) N° 16 called ‘Steps of the future’ in the city of Viale. This is the only special school in Viale and approximately fifty people attend there, young and adult people with different disabilities whether intellectual or motor. Besides, there are a lot of parents and children with different educational problems constantly Alicia Perezcirculating to be evaluated or derivatives. Although the school is public but privately managed, the school was born from the necessity of a group of parents with children with disabilities. They formed an association which created the school: AVANE (Ayuda Vialense al Niño Especial = Help from the people of Viale to the special children). The institution does not charge any fees to the students. It is supported by the help from the association and from the school itself: sale of used clothing, bake sale, contribution bonds, etc. Also, the most of the students comes from poor families (humble families). My idea is to place a small exhibitor in the room of entrance of the school, where we receive the people and where the parents are waiting until their children are received…”


This is a proof of what our workshops produce among the members of our Church. They feel themselves encouraged to give witness about their faith and to share with other people el great message of salvation.