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A project to work in nursing homes.

We also share with you the letter from the congregation of San Matthew, with which we share a project to work in nursing homes.


…We are writing to you wishing you grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We write this letter to share the experiences of work as congregation, visiting our members who live in nursing homes. This is a matter really close to us, being that many elder people of our parish live in these places because of health problems and other difficulties. Even amid difficulties and health problems proper of elder age, we see how God almighty work with mercy. He makes and opens new doors, so we can share the Gospel of Life, not only with his children, but also with those who don’t know Him.

It is notorious the interest in our presence in several grandparents every time we go. We also realized that these places have libraries and special rooms where is possible to read. When we took a look the contents of the library we realized that they don’t have Bibles available nor materials which help and comfort these people. That’s the reason why we are writing to the Foundation to ask for Bibles and a collection of the available brochures.SAM_1456

We thank you for your collaboration and interest in helping us to communicate the Gospel of Christ.

We greet you in Christ name.


Daniel Toth, President     

Sergio Schelske Pastor



In Oberá

11193218_921549824533815_2770854588986801026_n We met a group of adult people there who approached to the Lutheran Church as product of the mission and they have already started the confirmation classes. During this month, we gave them a Bible with cathechism, so they can read it and grow in the Word of God.

Happy birthday !

Visit to the Lutheran congregation of Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires) for its 75° anniversary. During this special event of celebration, we had the opportunity to share our different programs and to present our materials with all the members and visitors. We also had the opportunity to talk and plan some activities together with the congregation.


Who is Mr. Pablo Lavia?

Pablo Lavia is a supervisor of the Lutheran Schools of IELA seven years ago. In his witness, He told us that speaking about Christ in the schools is relatively easy and accessible. But… What happen when you work in public schools or private schools which belong to other denominations? When Pablo started working in tertiary education (Faculties and Universities) He realized that the students there, trained people, were questioning his religious believing. So He started to think about how He can talk about his faith to these futures teachers and professionals…

He said: “This year I encourage myself to share materials which shows explicitly that I belong to a particular faith… ¿How I did it? Well, just giving LHM’s materials as a gift… for example, a material called “For the Road” which is ideal for teacher training because professors work a lot with this kind of content. ¿Which were the results? It is sows… I’m praying for the people who received that material (about thirty people) and I’m paying attention to them. Now, with a impatience patience, I just wait in God and in His grace to them as well.”

At the end of his report, Pablo encourages all teachers and professors who work in non Lutheran Schools to be salt and light, carrying the message of Christ without fear.

Pablo Lavia


We visited at Concordia Seminary

  1. IMG_20150504_225109719We were visited by our Area Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, pastor Nilo Figur, since 4th until 7th of May. During those days we talked about the development of different programs and we received suggestions to optimize the task. We also share a dinner with all students at Concordia Seminary, this was very positive for the approach with that institution.