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Osvaldo’s Story

The curcut of Puerto Esperanza, Misiones: has a program on the local radio that airs Saturday mornings. It lasts one hour and is run by FabiánGamarra, (A member of the local congregation) and Pastor Martín Volz.

The program consists of Biblical reflections, Christian music, with themes of social problems for those who use the CPTLN materials “Focus” or “Enfoque.”

For approximately the past two months a man named Osvaldo has been benefiting from the program stating that he heard it and received much joy from it. He has started attending Church and found it to be helpful the face of many difficult situations such as a separation with his wife.

Osvaldo said that this in his perspective, the change is for having found strength in God to resolve problems. Today he is participating in the congregation of Martin Luther of Puerto Esperanza preparing to be confirmed. He has also started to bring his two little girls (daughters) to church.

May God bless Osvaldo in this new stage of life and also bless those who bring the message of Christ by the great means of the radio.

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