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Laymen’s National Convention in Argentina



From 11 to 13 October, took place in the city of Crespo, Entre Ríos, the IX Lutheran Laymen’s National Convention. Two hundred and seventy gentlemen participated of the Convention. They came from different part of the country and also from neighbor countries.

We had a special space to place our Stand, so we could present our materials. Many gentlemen approached to our Stand.

The organizers of the Convention also gave us a special time to greet all gentlemen there and to present our programs of work we offer to the entire Church.

Visit to the Municipal Elderly (Nursing) Home

This is an activity initiated by the Lutheran Ladies League from the congregation of Maschwitz. Five ladies accompanied us to the Nursing Home. We shared the reading of the brochure “Pettings for the Soul”, and we gave a sample for each lady in the Nursing Home. We also shared a brief devotional and a prayer. Then we sang together, made some riddles and shared some candies and cookies.



We find Hector…

On our visit to the city of Viale, Entre Ríos, We find Hector . Hector teaches at two schools: the N° 197 and “Hernandarias School”, both schools of the city of Paraná. Today is also pursuing a degree in “Paya Médico” (“Medical Clown”). Hector is a member of the Lutheran Church of Viale along with his entire family. His mother Ursula, she is also a great volunteer of LHM. This time Hector approached us to tell us his experience by sharing material of LHM. He tells us that a while ago he had a very difficult student. She (the student) did not accept instructions, conversely She complained about everything. She was a rebellious teenager. Until one day, she got sick. She suffered a cardiophaty. And while recuperating, Hector went to visit her and took a brochure of LHM to her. A few days later, the teenager wrote a letter to him and forwarded it. It was a letter of thanks for the message given to her and the invitation to visit her again. From that moment it began a different relationship between the two and Hector was able to witness the love of God to her. He said that no doubt the material allowed her to open her heart and now she wants to hear what God can do in her life.

Hector Martinez1