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Workshop in Don Torcuato

IMG_20140927_212153On Saturday 27th, We were in the Mission of Don Torcuato supporting the workshop “Crisis de Pareja” (“Marriage Crisis”), which was opened to the community. Ten people attended the event. It was developed by the psychologist Martín Bonandini and the local Pastor.

Celebrate with grandparents

On 21st, We also shared a special moment for grandparents and older people in the community of Viale, Entre Rios. 107 grandparents attended the event.

Among other gifts, each took our special material for the elderly.

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On 13th and 14th September, with a heavy rain, it was performed the ETS course in the city of Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos. In spite of the rain, twenty seven participants attended to the course.

It was a beautiful time!

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September: the Bible´s month

  1. During the month of September, We celebrated “The month of the Bible” in congregation “San Pablo”, placed in Barrio Independencia (J. L. Suárez, Buenos Aires). We developed a special activity on Sunday 6th. All members and visitors from the neighborhood could visit the stand where they could find different versions of the Bible and also the Bible in its original languages: Greek and Hebrew. The preaching at the afternoon allowed us to understand the long process of composition until it arrived to us today. To end that beautiful moment, every family received a Bible as a gift, for they can enjoy daily the Word of God in their homes.


Liliana´s story

Liliana Caula is a neighbor who lives two blocks far from the Lutheran Church in Don Torcuato (Buenos Aires). Last year, she received, together with other neighbors, the parish newsletter. This year, she attended to a conference opened to the community. The event was developed at the temple of Mission Don Torcuato, and it was organized together with our Foundation. The conference was about our brochure “Healing Wounds”. Since that event, Liliana participate in divine services at the Lutheran Church, and now she is making the course “Toward a New Life”, with the firm intention of confirmation of her faith at the end of the course.

She herself wrote to us: “My name is Lily Caula. Last year I received the bimonthly newsletter, corresponding at September – October 2013, from the congregation of “El Redentor” (“The Redeemer”). I enjoyed the newsletter, but I didn’t approach the church, even I not get in touch with her, because I thought that that Church was only for German people. This year, I received again an invitation to attend to a conference on Saturday 17th May and I accepted it. I get interested in the Lutheran Church and the members of that congregation shared with me all the information I asked them for. I was received very well and since then I’m in the Church. Now I’m making a Biblical course and I’ve learned a lot. I feel so happy for having found such nice place where it’s felt that we are a family. Thank you very much for accept me… Liliana.