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Children´s day

10314590_10204779802044908_3235996884928038907_n 10615995_10204779804924980_7463794261307380496_nOn Saturday August 30 was celebrated Children’s Day in “Hogar Emanuel” (Home Emanuel), Puerto Madryn. There, through the games, shows and gifts they shared and learned about the love of God. Each of the 60 participating children received our material, “Jesus loves me” to paint.

Vocational orientation in the Secondary School

 Through JOEL program, we support again the workshop on vocational orientation. It was developed in six weekly meetings with 35 students of the 5° year of Concordia Secondary School (Concordia Institute). Each participant received our brochure “Vocation”, after having a reflexive discussion guided by Pastor Antonio Schimpf. He talked about the life purpose from a Christian approach to the issue and to the workshop in general.APDSC DIGITAL CAMERA


Love in action

On the 15th of August in the city of El Soberbio, Misiones, our volunteer Jeremiah Meyer was involved in the distribution of food, water and clothing to people who were affected by flooding last month.

Each delivery was accompanied by our brochure “Strength for tough times” with the encouraging words of comfort and testimony of God’s love.


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Sandra Romero

Sandra Romero lives in the city of Paraná, District of Entre Ríos. However, she was born in Viale, a little town close to Paraná, where since she was a child, she proved to be a curious and very active person. She says that, since she can remember, she felt the desire to help others. Still being catholic, when she was a teenager, she used to escape from her home to go to teach catechesis in the most poor and humble neighborhoods of her town.

When she had to choose a professional carrier to study, the first thing she thought was to study social sciences (Social Worker), but then she realized that she used to be so emotionally involved. So she chose to study economic sciences. Nowadays she works as accountant but she work in many social activities adhonorem (Without payment).

A few years ago, she started a relationship that takes her to know the Lutheran Church. Today she is a sister in faith with the vocation to serve others and work in social ministry of the Church.

She knew our ministry a couple of years ago and little by little she involved in our different programs. She is a leader by nature. She is associated to “women entrepreneurs of Paraná”, with who she shared our material with her colleagues. Now she is part of our program “Missionary Soul” in her congregation where a group of people is working moved by the love of God to help their neighbor.

We wish that God bless Sandra and strengthen her to serve others, because she wants to help her neighbor and share the gospel. We give thanks God for her, because we can count on her in our organization.



Meeting for women entrepreneurs,

10547605_1516250311940363_5404702904289393516_nLast 19th of July, it was performed an important meeting for women entrepreneurs, in Parana City (District of Entre Ríos). In that meeting, the accountant Sandra Romero, a volunteer of LHM Argentina  who also belongs to an organization of women entrepreneurs, performed a brief exposition of our work before her colleagues. She shared our material: “Counsels for entrepreneurs”, with the thirty four women who were there.



In the same way, the last 26th of July, it was performed a “Breakfast of Training”, in the same city. Fifteen women attended to this meeting where Sandra shared the same material. She has an schedule with many future events of the same kind and She is really happy sharing this material with the participants and sharing a message of hope with those group of women.10496018_544893528972923_9077153700205629863_o