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Lutheran Ladies League

Last Sunday 6th of July, we were invited to attend to the anniversary n° 75 of the Lutheran Ladies League, from the Lutheran Church in Belgrano, Bs As. It was a pleasant time and we enjoyed a lot sharing with this group of woman, who support us in our job.



Luther Academy

From 7th to 11th of July, our chaplain attended to a course offered by Luther Academy together with Concordia Seminary Argentina. The subject of the course was “Christian Ethics”. In that event, besides learning, he presented and promoted our materials and projects among all his colleagues.

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Flood in northeastern of our country

During this month various relief efforts were performed in benefits of flood victims in northeastern of our country. Many congregations, Lutheran schools, and others leagues were involved in the collection. The LHM Argentina was responsible for coordinating the logistics, so everything collected goes directly to the affected area: El Soberbio, District of Misiones.

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“God is our protector”

The story we want to share this time is about a family which lives on a field, in Aurora Colony (District of Misiones).

This family is humble. The wife suffers a lot, she is frightened and she has panic attacks. She has been looking for trust in Christ, because she was afraid to die. But then she started to trust in God and to not be afraid about that anymore, because she realized that God has power over everything He has created. Now She says how good is to trust in God, Who is our protector.P13-05-14_09.52[1]

This family listen to our radial program “Enfoque”, and they have received materials such as “What future await us?” and “Healing wounds”.

The wife’s fears were related to non-resolved issues in her past. Now, the missioner Ireneo Denis continues working with this family. Glory only to God.

Workshop about “old age”

In the Lutheran Church  of Hurlingham, Bs. As. The group of lutheran ladies from this congregation performed a workshop opened to the community the last Saturday.

The dissertation was in charge of the Lic. Mamarian, who presented the subject “old age”.

We contribute to the workshop with our brochure “Learning to age”.

We placed our stand there, with all our available materials.

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