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Workshop about ABORTION

 The last Saturday, We sponsored the workshop about “ABORTION”, which took place in the congregation of Villa Ballester, Bs. As. We counted with three dissertations: the first was presented by Dr. Jeniffer Kroeger, the second one by the psychologist Marisa Sthele, and the last one by professor Roberto Bustamante, from Concordia Seminary. Thirty people attended to the workshop. When it finished, the people received materials from LHM Argentina.10440719_692338104173511_6925023822710309247_n

Fair of clothes …












In Viale,  a town in Entre Ríos: The group “Alma Misionera” (“Missionary Soul”), from Viale’s congregation, performed a fair of clothes, opened to the community. Fifty people attended to the event. The group had the opportunity to witness and to share the materials from LHM Argentina.


Rut´s story

Irineo Denis, a missioner in the Northwest area of our Country, told us the story of Rut. She is 40 years old and come from a Lutheran family. She is a single mother and she was baptized five years ago together with her son, who is thirteen years old today.

Rut participated actively in the church since she was baptized but, after some time, she walked away. Not long ago, it was found a nodule in one of her breasts and her health seemed to be compromised. And besides this, her son was passing by period of rebelliousness, perhaps because of the lack of his father. All this led Rut to ask us for help.

We talk to her about the “ENFOQUE” program, and also about the materials, which are prepared and provided by the Foundation, as an efficient tool to help those who were adopted by God to be their children.

In that opportunity, we gave to her the brochures “What future awaits us?”, “Single mothers” and “Strength for tough times”. From now, we will do an accompaniment, to help her to channel her life of faith into the church of Christ. And GOOD NEWS! Not long ago, her son started confirmation classes.

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Our chaplain participated of the pastors meeting of Misiones District, where he presented the newest materials we have and the programs we offer.

He also participated in the celebration of the 20 years of the radial program “ENFOQUE”, which we support.