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Workshop “Sanando Heridas”

The last Saturday 17th May, the workshop of “Healing Wounds” took place in the mission of Don Torcuato. The activity was guided by the psychologist Martin Bonandini and also by our Chaplain. Fourteen people attended to the workshop, and all of them received the materials from LHM Argentina.



Meeting in Guatraché, La Pampa

On 3rd and 4th May we had been sharing with the brothers in Christ of the Southern District of de Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina the district families meeting. On Sunday we have been enjoying the Divine Service of God to our lives.
Along the meeting we were present with the stand. Many people approached to consult for the materials, share their experiences and learn together about the love of God in Jesus Christ.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Jeremias Meyer

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“Day of the Seminary”

IMG-20140605-WA0000On Thursday May 1st in the Concordia Lutheran Seminary  was celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the seminary. In this event, the LHM Argentina  was present, sharing in his stand many materials of various subjects.

In that day were realized different activities. At morning, we enjoy together like brothers in faith of the Divine Service of God to our lives. In the afternoon, were served coffee and cakes, followed by the talks and the traditional “mate”, and also in the Seminary Chapel were exposed stand about Martin Luther, the Holy Bible, the Seminary, etc. Also was provided a guided visit around the Seminary so that the people know the Seminary inside.

We give thanks to God because He blessed us in this big celebration with a beautiful day, sunny, where we could pass the time with friends and brothers in faith, sharing the love of God showed in His Son Jesus Christ dying in the cross and resurrecting at the third day in favor of every one of us, and yet stays with us through His Holy Ghost every days until the end of the world (Matthew 28). Amen.


Peace in Christ to you.

Jeremiah Meyer