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Four years ago…

olgaFour years ago, the missionary Ireneo Denis, who is in charge of a congregation in the District of Misiones, was invited for the principal of the primary school of “El Soberbio” town to offer a conference about “self esteem” to children of twelve years old.

For various reasons the director could not be present that day, so the director delegated the responsibility to the teacher Norma Lange.

The missioner conducted the conference normally and once he had finished the teacher Norma approached to him and asked: How do you know about my problem? Of course the missioner understood what she meant with that question. So he invited her to continue the talking in her office.

After various meetings with the missioner, Norma knew the great love of Christ and made her confession of faith. Today she is an active member of the congregation there.

But the story doesn’t end here. Because Norma has been the broadcaster of the radial program “Enfoque”, supported by the Foundation of “Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones”. This radial program is in charge of the congregation of “El Soberbio” and has place from Monday to Friday, from 11:00 to 12:00 am. We celebrate the 20° years of this program which has been on air uninterruptedly.

God uses different instruments to reach to us with his love and then He uses us to reach other with her Gospel. Glory only to God.

Meeting of LHM Directors 2014

The city of Aracruz, Espíritu Santo , Brasil, was the location for the 2014 meeting of LHM Directors from South America and the Caribbean. There, together with our Regional Director , Pastor Nilo Figur, the LHM International Director, Dr. Douglas Rutt and the Executive Director of Lutheran Hour Ministries , Mr. Kurt Buchholz, we had the opportunity to share this meeting from April 24 until may 2. These were very intense but productive work days.

We wish to thank the local team , for the dedication and effort so that everything was in order!