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Marta´s story

Today we want to share the story of Marta. She lived suffering violence from her husband many years. About 3 years ago, she was attacked by him once again, but taking a knife she killed him.

The Justice sentenced her to life imprisonment. While she was in prison, she could approach to the love of God. A few months later, he suffered severe health problems for which she was given house arrest with tutoring and responsibility of his daughter. She is also controlled with an electronic ankle bracelet, which does not allow her to leave her home.

After several visits we understood better her reality and we invite her to do the course “Hacia una Nueva Vida” (“Towards a New Life”), and she agreed. In addition, we are meeting once a month together with church members to share the Word of God and one of the materials which is being used is the Biblical study “The Power of Prayer.” She is a person who shows that without the forgiveness and love of God could not have come out later in life. We are happy to accompany her and witness how God works in her life.


Meeting in Marta´s house