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“Books that open ways”

On October 11 at the Concordia Seminary building of Jose Leon Suarez, held a literary festival entitled “Books that open ways”. The purpose of it was that the Concordia Educational and Missionary Center (CEMC) could make different presentations of books and materials that teach about the gospel.


Among the main exhibitions, teachers and students of the Seminary worked with stands on the Bible. Also, congregation “La Concordia” made a nice job exposing Luther Works. Meanwhile, LHM Argentina had a space in which sought to generate contacts through the distribution of brochures and other materials. Also, the work of the Concordia Institute students was very elaborate and interesting, from kindergarten up to secondary level.


Among those who attended the event, can be tell CEMC related people, including students, professors, teachers, managers, staff, etc. which also brought their relatives and friends.

The event started with a short devotional and culminated in a series of presentations as dances and skits. In general, people were very happy and it was another opportunity to forge ties with all the people that somehow or other they feel part of this great institution.

Florencia´s story

IMG_0855This is the story of Florencia. She is a 25 years old lady who participated in the Catholic Church. However, years ago and after her grandmother died, she stopped going to church because she could not understand the will of God. After a while, she started dating a young Lutheran guy and also begins to participate with him in church activities. Then, after a few months she began to show interest to know more about the church and what it teaches about God. So, one member of the evangelism team started to teach her about the gospel, and after this, she expressed her will about making a confession of faith. The pastor of the congregation invited Florencia to do the course “Towards a new life” for her to understand and appreciate the love of God. So, if it is God’s will, in November she will make confession of faith in the Lutheran Church. Florencia today manifests the joy of being here, and says that although God does not allow her to continue the relationship with her boyfriend, however she will continue participating in the Church.