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Activity with Concordia Seminary´s students

993060_568516569851059_68153823_nOn September 21, Seminario Concordia held its annual working day of evangelism in Don Torcuato. It was held in conjunction with the Lutheran Congregation “El redentor” of that town, which was the main promoter of the event.

For this activity, the local pastor Juan Sack was assisted in the organizational part of the Bishop of Confessional Lutheran Church of Chile (IELCHI), Rev. Cristian Rautenberg. On behalf of the Seminar, was attended by some 30 participants, including professors and students (including some of their wives).

Moreover, while the activity took place during the day Saturday, a small group of seminarians rushed to the scene the day before to make a preliminary study of the place and of resources, accompanied by Rev. Rautenberg.1233517_568516823184367_1888150529_n

Regarding the activity itself, began Saturday morning with a devotional. When finished, there was a brief talk in which explained how to develop the activity. Then, we proceeded to the division into working groups and consequently, the carve-up of both the Congregation and and LHM´s materials.

After that, workplaces were chosen, among which we went to: two train stations, the neighborhood square, bus stop, and there was even a group that worked door to door handing out materials.

At midday, participants gathered for lunch at the temple. After that, each group returned to their place of work…


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