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The Evangelistic Day

The Evangelistic Day is an activity organized by the Concordia Seminary, which allows students and congregations of the area and LHM Argentina to develop different evangelistic activities.

This year the activity took place in “San Mateo” Parrish of Ing. Maschwitz. We met during the morning and shared a devotion led by the local pastor, after which we shared the testimony of two congregation members who told us how they arrived, what they found in the church, and the meaning of living in Christ’s Gospel.

Afterwards, we organized groups. Two groups of 4 people each were in charge of visiting different contacts. The rest was placed at LHM Argentina’s stands in Maschwitz’s central park and at the train station along Villanueva Av., a very populated main street. During the afternoon, a group visited the Elderly Home of Escobar and another group visited contacts from the Chinese community in Garin, providing catechisms and bible stories in their language.

In addition, a group of musicians returned to the main park to offer a music show and distribute LHM materials. Finally, a group went to the park were they handed out balloons and candy with a biblical message among the children.

Afterwards, we shared a workshop with the Alcoholics Anonymous group, which meets at the congregation’s facilities. For some, this was a firs approach to alcoholism as a disease, and a way to encourage spiritual assistance for those in recovery.

On Sunday morning we shared a service during which the Seminary students participated with their musical gifts. The activity ended with a congregational lunch, during which we were able to watch a video with pictures of all the tasks carried out on Saturday.

We wish to mention the collaboration of the people involved in different tasks. May God, by His mercy, allow our effort to give fruit, for his name to be known and glorified all over the world.

Pastor Sergio Schelske, Ing. Maschwitz.

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Play the game!

During this month we carried out an evangelistic activity along with the North District youth. This event took place in a park in the city of Lujan, and we were able to contact many children and their parents.


In a park has  developed an arts festival for the local children. Play, songs, games entertained them all day. LHM Argentina was also there as part of the event. We contacted many children, parents and grandparents.  Now, the local pastor along with members of the church will go to visit them  .

It was a beautiful day!

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On Saturday in the morning, we accompanied healthcare professionals from ACAPS at a special activity in Ezeiza. The hosts of the event had previously invited people to come to receive free medical attention, performed by several healthcare professionals: clinical physicians, dentists, nutritionists, pediatricians, psychologists. And in spite of a very cold day, all of the people which came were attended and we contacted many of them. On this opportunity we were also accompanied by a Seminary student, Juan Pablo Lanterna, who helped us at the stand.