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Romang, Santa Fe


In Romang, Santa Fe province about 600 km from Buenos Aires,  are located two schools in the Lutheran church. One is a regular school and the other is a special school for children with disabilities.


Through their pastor and chaplain we were able to get reach many parents this year by our calendar.

The pastor  Digno Rosin tells us:


“The calendars were distributed mostly to parents who came to school to talk to the legal representative. Another smaller part was distributed by some members from your contacts or friends. All were well received. ”


We thank God because through this material we can be present in more homes. Thanks also for the great work done by the local pastor and managers to bring the word of God to the entire school community.

Do you know any people…?

This month, we share with you some of the responses we received from our volunteers of the text message program to the question:

“Dear LHM Argentina friend: has anyone participated in any activity at your church during the past year as a result of our contact through booklets or text messages?”

The following were some of the answers:

Hello, yes, I had a friend who read the booklet and has now requested to subscribe, but she does not participate at any church. Blessings (Elvani)

My dear friends, I believe so, several. (Carlos)

I have, along with my wife. I participate at Bible studies and Laymen meetings. (Juan)

Yes, several have participated at Church activities. (Yolanda )

Yes, some contacts have been made. (Reimundo )

Yes, two people are coming to Sunday services and one girl goes to Bible School. (Cristina)

He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. (Luke 10:2)

Activities in Pontevedra, Buenos Aires

Thanks to a member of our church and also one of our volunteers, Mrs. Helga Felhauer, we had the opportunity to accompany a group of Christian health care professionals which belong to ACAPS on one of their activities. They use their gifts and work for those in need, completely free of charge.

On Saturday, the 30th, they went to the ADULMA shelter, a place which houses approximately 40 young people who lived on the streets and who are sent there mostly by juvenile courts. On this occasion, a group of pediatricians, ophthalmologists, dentists, cardiologists and internal medicine physicians treated all type of diseases. All of the people in the shelter, plus those from another nearby rehab facility and neighbors were attended. We were able to talk to these young people and provide advice and share our materials. We also shared a lot with the neighbors, which were very poor people. The members of ACAPS received us very well and were happy to have us on their team. We hope we will be able to repeat this wonderful experience. 

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