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Zona Oeste Mission

The evangelistic activity, which took place at the Zona Oeste Mission, was carried out on Saturday 12 of May, 2012, in the cities of San Antonio de Padua and Merlo of the Province of Buenos Aires.

The group which participated at the event, conformed by nine adults and two young girls, arrived early at the Mission’s temple at 9:00, to begin the activities with songs and a brief Bible study, which was based on Mathew 28:5-10.

Afterwards, we explained how we would work during the day: we would share CPTLN’s booklets in two hospitals nearby the mission, with the purpose of obtaining evangelistic contacts. Both hospitals are public institutions, one is the “Eva Perón” Hospital and the other is is the “Dr. Pedro Chutro” MaternityHospital. This part of the activity took place between 11:00 – 3:00, meanwhile different groups of people, arranged beforehand, took turns every 1:30 hr approximately.

While some of the participants were at the hospitals, others distributed a letter with a Bible message and a booklet about the congregation in the neighborhood surrounding the temple.

Activities ended with the celebration of a Eucharistic Service performed by Pastor Damián Fischer and the Mission’s vicar.

The evaluation of the activity was positive, since six contacts gave us their personal information in order to receive CPTLN’s booklets in their homes, which will be delivered by members of the congregation and the vicar. This part of the activity will be performed after May 28th. 

Some items which need to be observed and improved are:

  • The day of the week chosen to carry out the activity, since there were less patients than on weekdays;
  • The community’s scarce experience in activities of this type;
  • The short duration of the activity.

However, the members of the Zona Oeste mission experienced this activity as a clear opportunity to participate in evangelistic activities, discover gifts and give testimony about their faith in Jesus Christ. This was a very important experience which allows us to demystify this type of activities and help people to lose the fear they experience when they think about evangelizing. We are convinced that based on this experience, our future activities will be carried out even better.


E. Rautenberg, Vicar