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Meeting of LHM directors from South America and the Caribbean

The city of Asunción del Paraguay was the location for the 2012 meeting of LHM directors from South America and the Caribbean. There, together with our Counselor, Pastor Nilo Figur, we had the opportunity to share this meeting from April 23-30. These were very intense but productive work days.

On two opportunities, we were able to establish a direct connection by Internet, and exchange ideas with LHM International Director, Rev. Douglas Rutt.

During one afternoon, we were also able to visit some parts of the city.

We wish to thank the local director, Mr. Victor Verruck, for the dedication and effort so that everything was in order!

The Concordia Seminary celebrated its 70th anniversary.

On May 1st, the Concordia Seminary celebrated its 70th anniversary. We praise our Lord for allowing us to participate at this special anniversary!

Monday, April 30th, was a special day. Approximately 1000 people from different regions of our country congregated at the Seminary to share a day of celebration, fraternity, and praise.

Cristo Para Todas las Naciones was also present among the exhibitors.

We wish to thank and congratulate the Seminary’s Director, Rev. Sergio Fritzler, and all the people involved in the impeccable organization of this event.

All glory be to God!

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Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina

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During the month of April we participated at the Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina, in which we were given a space to share and show our new materials.

Our participation at the Church Assembly allowed us to be in touch with almost every pastor this month, with whom we were able to share our current activities and invite them to participate with new projects.

Beatriz  (LHM) and Hector Hoppe  (CPH) shared some time with us.