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The schools of our Church

At Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones, we appreciate the valuable task performed in the schools of our Church. We acknowledge that the objective involves more than fulfilling the basic education all children deserve. Education in values and the spiritual support each of them receive at our institutions, are the best legacy we can give them as parents and educators.

Therefore, taking into consideration the importance of each of the people who carry out this task every day (teachers, administrative and maintenance personnel), this year we wished to reach every one of them with our message of hope, through our calendar. Thus, during past May we delivered them in each of the 8 educational institutions our church has in the country.

If we allow our Lord to be an active part in education, we will surely make it a constant road of growth and maturity towards a better quality of life. 

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Christian Healthcare Professionals Association

We had the opportunity to accompany ACAPS (Christian Healthcare Professionals Association) in one of their trips to another Province. On this opportunity, we were represented by Dr. Helga Felhauer, dentist, who has been one of our volunteers for years now. Through this trip, we had the opportunity to share our calendar with 200 new families in the Province of Misiones.


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Celebrating Life

  • Together with ABC (Bahía Community Action) an activity called “Celebrating Life” took place on Sunday, March 25th. It was performed in a public space in the city ofBahía Blanca, and by means of different activities for children and adults, shows and fliers, a message of hope and faith and support for life and unborn children was shared with the community.
  • We were present at this event with a stand attended by our volunteers, and many people approached the stand and had the opportunity to meet us. One of them told us the next day: “Yesterday, as you can see in the photos, was a wonderful afternoon.  Thanks to the Lord! We shared music, laughter, songs, encouragement, awareness, messages… and this is why we wish to thank you! For sharing the life and the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ with us. Thank you for being present, for sharing and for making this possible!
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