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From a Prison in Junin de los Andes

A few weeks ago, we received a new phone call from a Prison in Junin de los Andes. On this opportunity, it was from Mr. X, an inmate who told us that he found our number on a calendar which was given to him by Germán M., another inmate who is one of our contacts, today on parole and whom we have not seen in a few months. He told us that on more than one occasion Germán shared our materials with him and that when he found the calendar it reminded him of those words of comfort and strength which had helped them so much in these hard moments they live. He decided to contact us to see if we could stay in touch with him and send him messages of hope. We immediately sent him what he requested and contacted him with the new local pastor, Rev.Walter Mayer, to assess the possibility of visiting the prison. May our Lord be with them and renew their hearts in Jesus Christ!

Luján´s ETS

On March 24th we carried out an ETS at the congregation “San Juan” of Luján. It was a very nice experience, with very good participation by the members who attended the course. Everyone had the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions, and learn something new in order to train themselves and be better witnesses of the Message of Salvation.

The pastor of the congregation, Reverend Hector Fester, is a great collaborator of LHM and is preparing an evangelical project so that all of the participants can practice what they learned and to allow us to work together with these new volunteers.


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