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Patagonia Andina Mission

Dear brothers in Christ, LHM Argentina:

                                                                       Peace of our Lord be with you.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you regarding the experiences we have lived when sharing the material (from LHM Argentina) which you have sent us. (Booklets “Caresses for the soul” and “Strength for difficult times”).

About the middle of last year, 2011, a volcano in Chile became active and because of this, several cities of the Southern area of Argentina (Patagonia Andina) were severely affected by the ashes it erupted. For the inhabitants of this area, it was as if it suddenly became night, because the sky was immediately covered in ashes, making it difficult to breath and affecting eyesight. As the days passed by, everything became covered in volcanic ashes and all of the beautiful landscape designed by God was painted in gray.

As time goes by and the situation worsens, discouragement and needs become more apparent. It seems as if they are passing through the valley of the shadow of death, because these ashes are drowning the grass and also killing the animals in this area. As if this were not enough, there is a drought and a lot of wind, which indicates the rivers in these places are drying out, everything is losing strength, people are sad and discouraged, despair surrounds them.  

In view of the needs and driven by Christian love, the members of the Patagonia Andina Mission and the parish of Cipolleti decided to help one of the poorest and most affected towns (with low financial resources, Comallo). This town, Comallo, is about 150 km from San Carlos de Bariloche, a dirt road, difficult access, but with the Lord’s help we have arrived with physical (merchandise) and spiritual (our Lord’s Word, preached by the booklets mentioned above) food.

LHM Argentina’s booklets have been and are a great tool for the growth and diffusion of the Lord’s Kingdom. We are very happy and pleased to be able to work with you, calming and satisfying the needs of the people who surround us.

When we reached the town, people slowly started to approach us and then they surrounded us is search of food and help. They needed to someone to hear them and to receive words to comfort their souls. Their needs were not only material things, but also spiritual. Many came and requested the booklet and told us about the animals dying and losing their work sources since most of them worked in the country.

Ashes are very intense in this place, forcing us to enter a building to be able to continue with our mission.

The people were very grateful for what we did, for LHM Argentina’s materials, and the food we bought with IELA’s national offering.

Only a few days have gone by and we have already received a message from the people in Comallo, asking us to pray for them.

We are very grateful to the Lord for this opportunity to help others with what we have and what we are. And we wish to thank LHM Argentina for supporting and accompanying us in our mission of spreading the Good News to all nations.

We wish to encourage you to continue with your work. There is nothing more important than sharing and teaching the Word of God.

 God bless you.         

                                                                                    Patagonia Andina Mission

                                                                                         Pastor Walter Mayer

Our Ministry Center received a visit!

Our Ministry Center received a visit from our area counselor, Pastor Nilo Figur. He accompanied us from February 13th to 17th. During these days, in addition to sharing with us our work at the office, he also had the opportunity to visit the Director of the Concordia Seminary, Rev. Sergio Fritzler, as well as the President of the IELA, Rev. Carlos Nagel (Photograph)

A meeting with our local Administration Board took place at our Ministry Center. It was a very pleasant gathering, during which they were able to meet each other, talk about the origin of LHM, its current situation, opportunities and challenges. We also discussed future plans and projects regarding our local work. It was a very positive meeting for all.

Sharing and receiving his advice is always of great importance for us. Thank you Nilo for your time with us!