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The National Youth Gathering of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina

From January 18th to 22nd we had the possibility of sharing wonderful moments with approximately 850 youth who gathered together at the National Youth Gathering of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina in GeneralCampos,Province of Entre Rios.

An excellent organization allowed us to enjoy Bible studies, recreation, sports, music, and programmed activities. The county campus was especially prepared for this event, and had all the necessary things to make this event very comfortable. Only a little rain complicated the tents, but it also helped to cool

down the high temperatures we experienced during those days.

Many people approached our stand, interested in our work and materials. We shared experiences with them and invited them to participate in our programs.

Here are some photos of the National Youth Gathering, we hope you enjoy them as much as we did! We thank our Lord for all the young people who participated and also congratulate the adults who worked so hard to make this great event possible!




On December 2011…

On December 2011, at the Congregation  “Del Pilar de Jesús”, we presented the Program “Red Boots for Christmas” based on the book from C.P.T.L.N. Foundation. The Program was adapted to be shown as a theatrical play and a final message related to the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the visit of the pastors, angels and wise men, was included at the end.

After the play, the children and each family that participated in the event received a copy of the original book.

We wish to thank our loving God, for allowing us to share this experience, to work together to commemorate this beautiful day as a family in faith.

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