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At the public school…

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

My name is Sandra Dorsch and I am a member of the “Savior” Congregation from San Salvador, Province of Entre Rios.

I would like to share with you an activity I performed last year at the public school where I work as a 2nd grade teacher.

As you probably are aware of, in our country public education is secular; therefore we have to be very careful about sharing a religious message with students. I say religious, because I have learned that although I have that “limitation”, it does not stop me from sharing God’s Word, as a message of love and salvation with my students and co-workers.

Throughout the past year, I gave classes about moral values and sex education, always from my position as a Christian, and many times the students themselves would introduce issues such as eternal life, sin, bad deeds, and even Jesus’ second coming!!!  You may be wondering how is this possible… many of them have parents who take them to catechism classes or prepare them for first communion, therefore these issues are mentioned among their families and the children then bring them to school. These situations have given place to wonderful conversations, always with due respect and care. I also perceived that for some of them, it was the first time they heard about Jesus.

Towards the end of the year, along with another 2º grade teacher, who is also Christian and a person who is very committed to the Church and working with children, we decided to carry out some activities related to Christmas. We requested permission from the vice-director, who loved the idea and we began to plan this event.

When Advent began, we prepared crowns and explained why they are placed on the doors of our houses and their meaning. On another day, we watched the movie “Red Boots for Christmas”, from CPTLN. After watching the movie, we talked with the children about the story and it was wonderful to see how they were able to understand the true meaning of Christmas. Afterwards, they made drawings and sentences describing what they liked most about the movie.

What else can I say? We prayed a lot before, during, and after this activity, it was beautiful. Many parents thanked us at the end of the year, because we not only taught their children about Spanish, science, and other subjects, but we also gave them something “that nobody can take away from them” (as a mother said to us).

Many times we are scared about sharing God’s Word, in our case we advanced slowly and observed how we could advance in this aspect. I firmly believe that our Lord opens doors for us and takes care of us. We must put our projects in His hands, and He will act.


From San Nicolas

This lady, who participates in the Text mesage  program , wrote us:


“My name is Sonia Mattei Weisheim and I am from San Nicolás, Province of Buenos Aires…

…I cannot find enough words to thank CPTLN for their messages, since they have helped me and many other people as well.

I save the messages on my cell phone, and I send them to people based on the their problems, choosing the message I believe is most convenient. I also have materials from “Enfoque” which I share with these people.

Sometimes when I receive a message I ask myself who I could send it to. I start to look at my list of contacts and something tells me to send it to a specific person. Afterwards, many times people thank me because they needed those words of encouragement at that moment. We are the Lord’s instruments (both you and I), and we wish to continue with this “mission” helping so many people.


Thank you very much!! God bless you!!”

We present to you our Administration Council

Argentinean law established that in order to constitute a Foundation, an Administration Council must be organized. Members of this Council have the necessary faculties to fulfill the purpose of the foundation, within the conditions established in the statutes.

In accordance to the statute which rules us, our council is formed by 5 members:

President:Daniel Bustamante  (computer programmer)

Vice-president:Héctor Fester  (Pastor)

Secretary: Beatriz Hohn (Teacher)

Treasurer:Oscar Arntzen(Metalworker)

Vocal:Cynthia Patiño(Administration assistant)

All of them, without exceptions, are active members in congregations belonging to the Iglesia Evangélica Luterana Argentina, willing to serve God in their congregations as well as in our institution.

Without any hesitation, we can say they are a group which shows their collaborative spirit and selfless service at every meeting. They are always willing to give good ideas in order to improve our work day by day.

God bless them all!!

Graduates from The Concordia Institute

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Once again, God has given us the opportunity to greet the new group of high-school graduates from the Concordia Institute. CPTLN was present together with the Congregation “La Concordia” delivering a message of hope by means of a booklet to each student who finalized this beautiful moment.