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Analia´s letter

We received this letter from our volunteer of Jardín America (Misiones)

Hello. We are currently working with the material you provided us in different settings. We are working with the youth group every Friday, and in two of those meetings we work with some of the materials, since we made a schedule with different subjects. In addition, we carry out a specific workshop every two months with important issues for their age, the last time we addressed “Abortion”, and we used those materials, providing images and videos for better understanding. The materials are very useful since they not only provide a theoretic basis for the subjects, but also include theological grounds. Furthermore, as a Parrish we are working at a Mission in a town which is 45 km from here.

We are handing out materials, according to the people’s interest, and each Congregation has these booklets on exposition and they are handed out in exchange for a donation (if they can) in order to be able to purchase more to continue with this task. Members accept this and are very interested… I really do not know how you could help us in other ways, since I do not know which are your possibilities, but anything you can think of will be welcome and appreciated.

Greetings in Christ,

Analía Hettinger


Light Has Come

There are no walls

Activity open to the neighborhood

Who took part in this activity? And where did it take place?

                We organized an activity open to the neighborhood together with three Church organizations with evangelistic purposes. This activity was carried out on October 8-9, 2011. The proposal was made by the congregation, who requested assistance from both the Seminary and the foundation Cristo para Todas las Naciones (LHM Argentina ). The Parris, made up by the community of Hurlingham “Trinidad” and of San Antonio de Padua worked together for the activity, however the evangelistic activity took place in San Antonio de Padua. We reached three different districts, Morón (city of Ituzaingó), Merlo (cities of San Antonio de Padua, Paso del Rey and Merlo) and Moreno (city of Moreno).

We should emphasize that the activity was coordinated by the Seminary since every year it they routinely choose a community and organize this type of events. The seminary requested the CPTLN foundation be involved as a necessary condition.

This activity involved 25 people in total, at different times. On Saturday 13 people participated from the Seminary, 4 from the congregation, Pastor Damián Fischer and the vicar Juan Pablo Lanterna. On Sunday, 17 Seminary students came, 1 person from the congregation (from Hurlingham), and the vicar. This does not include the people who in one way or other accompanied the organization of the activity, which would add over 30 people.

What did we do?

We performed different activities in the neighborhood:

PARKS. We went to a park in Padua on Saturday, where we placed a stand of the Foundation. On Sunday, we went to two parks in Ituzaingó and did the same thing.

HOUSES. On Saturday we walked around the neighborhood in Padua. We visited neighbors, and handed out letters we made on behalf of the congregation. This letter invited them to the service which would take place that night. On Sunday, we left a letter from the congregation which had a message of hope and the schedule of congregation activities. We contacted over 150 families. The objective was to share the existence of the Church in the neighborhood, which was fulfilled in the short term.

TRAIN. Both on Saturday and on Sunday, a group of three people went on the train. On Saturday, from Padua to Moreno – Moreno to Padua, and on Saturday from Ituzaingó to Moreno – Moreno to Padua. They decided to present themselves as something typical in this type of transportation, as are street vendors. The message was: “Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at this novelty! This is quality, this is a well-known brand… this is a message of hope” and after this introduction a flier with a message and a map of the church was handed out. In this map, you can see how to arrive to the church from the Padua train station. Through this activity at least 300 people were contacted and received the flier. Context was key for people to understand the message.

TRAINING. Three students presented two typical mission subjects (one on Saturday and one on Sunday) with the purpose of training and encouraging the community towards the mission.

1)      The first was: growth of the church (a current movement) and growth in Christ (a Biblical vision of the growth of the church).

2)      The second subject was: ethnocentrism versus Christ-centrism. We addressed the issue of how a Church’s own culture can represent barrier for the mission God has given them.

Synthesis and conclusion. Approximately 30 people were included in the activity, and over 450 people were contacted (perhaps 300 family groups) in two work days, and a message of hope was delivered. This activity reached 3 districts of the Great Buenos Aires and 5 cities within these districts which are close to the community. We do not see immediate results, working with this “ideal” expectation would discourage the task, we trust that God knows why He used us and we hope our sowing will give its fruits, since the success of the evangelistic activity does not depend on the group, the context, or whatever we see, but only on the powerful word of our Lord manifested in Jesus Christ.