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From Tuesday 20th to Sunday 25th  of September, the 4th Children’s Book Fair “Paper Wings” took place in our city.

This year, our Parrish was represented by a stand, which we called Christian Focus, since we exhibited and handed out booklets from the  LHM Argentina.

We spent some very nice days in which we were able to share time with many people from the city and its surroundings who did not know or had little knowledge about our Church.

65 people approached our stand and we gave them a booklet, of an issue useful for their lives or for someone they knew.

We wish to thank the Local Authorities who gave us the opportunity to exhibit our material, as well as the people of the congregation who were at the stand handing out booklets, keeping us company and sharing some “mates” (a local beverage).

May God make this an extra step for the gospel to reach much more people in our city.

                                                                                                Rafael Migliónico

                                                                                                 Urdinarrain (Entre Ríos)

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It was towards the end of the year 2010 and we were talking about different ways in which we can serve our Lord and the diverse ministries through which we can share the Bible and a message of hope… Pablo, Mary and Cinthia Lagraña used to work in a radio program, as part of a project in the church they participated in (Nazarene Church of Padua). Due to different reasons, the radio program they carried out was discontinued for almost two years. They commented how much they regretted not being able to continue and how much they missed this activity, mostly because it is so important and rewarding to share words of encouragement and love, as well as information which can help so much people, by means of such a massive communication media as the radio is. They not only performed the program, they also visited people in need, either for support, guidance, prayers or material aids…

For several days I had this conversation in my mind and I really liked and felt motivated to begin a program of this type… for a while now I had felt the desire to do “something more” as service to the Lord and the society… and this is how God planted the seed of concern, interest, and enthusiasm in my heart to face a radio program. I did not hesitate in sharing this with Pablo, Mary and Cinthia, and I suggested that the four of us should take up again this wonderful ministry. They were happy and delighted to start once again with this activity which they yearned for and which had blessed them so much. They accepted immediately. Without losing any time, we started to think about the name the program would carry, in which radio we could air it, on what day, time, how we would carry out the program, a logo, etc. We prayed about this project and asked the Lord to accompany us in its preparation and development, to provide us wisdom and clarity, as well as the resources to carry it out.

As part of the team at  LHM Argentina (Cristo Para todas Las Naciones Foundation in Argentina) , I did not hesitate in sharing this personal project with Gloria, the Director. Since our intention was to use CPTLN’s materials as a basis for bible studies and reflection which we would share in each program, as well as offering these booklets free of charge through the Spots “Focus”, for all those interested o in need of these materials or help, creating contacts for missional work for CPTLN and the Church. It has been and continues to be very important for us to count with the support CPTLN provides us, to carry out this ministry… and we are very grateful for all the help we receive!!

This is how “Healing Wounds” was born, because, who does not have or has had “wounds in the soul”? All four members of the team (from different churches) have joined together in this project in order to share words of Love, encouragement, and inspiration, sharing a message of hope, which is our Faith in Jesus Christ, who heals all of our wounds… we intend to develop a program for families, to inform and accompany those who listen to us during 2 hours a week, with reflection, current news, issues of general interest, music, etc. And we also offer our support by prayer chains, visits, and anything else the Lord puts in our hands and reach to help those who are in need, using the gifts, talents, and resources He gives us… because ”we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word”(THE BIBLE, Acts 4:6)


To be continued…


Written by Ingrid Kreizer

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Argentina, a Life Changing Experience

Do you remember to Marion?


A few days ago we received this letter from she:

“I have been back in Germany for three months now, but often think back of my unforgettable time in Argentina, that truly changed my life.

One year ago I was just recovering from burnout and depression that had literally kicked me out of my “old” life. I had worked in the financial services industry and due to constant restructuring in my company and more and more associated pressure, my physical and spirital well-being had gone down constantly. Finally, one day, I broke down and needed more than one year including a treatment in a hospital before I was slowly feeling better. My church family in Frankfurt from Trinity Lutheran church was wonderful and supported me with prayers, good wishes and practical help, as well. I felt that God was with me, too, even though, I could not feel any happiness for months. After having been sick for such a long time, I could not just go on like that. I had already decided not to go back into the financial services industry, but what am I going to do now? I needed time for orientation, away from my old life and environment.

Traveling, that was what I wanted to do, and work as a volunteer to give something back of all the help and love that I had received from my church family and friends during my recovery. Well, God sent me to Argentina. I was full of joy because I wanted to see the beauty of that huge country and I was hoping to improve my speaking skills of Spanish, as well.

After a couple of weeks of language classes in Buenos Aires and Bariloche, Patagonia, where I had already experienced so much love and friendship of the families with whom I stayed, I went up to the North-West of Argentina to start my first volunteer period in Tucumán, the capital of the Province of Tucumán. Again, I felt very much blessed with my new hostparents in Tucumán, Elsa and Raul, who were members of the Lutheran church congregation of  “Josue“. They made me feel like a part of the family and now, I consider them as part of my family as well. In Tucumán, I offered classes in German and English, on basic and conversational level. I had students of different backgrounds and age groups and the classes were incredible. It was not only about learning a foreign language, but to exchange cultural experiences. I was amazed how much people trusted me with most intimate thoughts and I, who were grown up in a rather suspicious culture, did the same thing. During those conversations, my students and myself felt, how valuable the dialogue is between cultures and people in general. The same happened when I was acompanying Pastor David to his bi-monthly bible study group in San Pablo, a small town outside of Tucumán city. The people there were so wonderful and shared their home, delicious food and Mate. During those bible studies, as well, it came to most profound discussions about difficult issues in life that we could all relate to and we could feel our connection to each other and to God.

The people in Tucumán do not have an easy life. Due to sugar cane production, there is a constant air pollution and most of the times, breathing literally hurt. Also, there was a large crime rate, unemployment rate and a lot of drug addicts under young people. Nevertheless, I was amazed, how satisfied people where in Tucumán with their lifes and how much they trust in God. They had less material things, but were much more satisfied and happier than many people in Europe, who have much more material things.

The six weeks in Tucumán passed way too fast and on one weekend, I had to say „Good Bye“ to Elsa and Raul to drive with Pastor David and his family 2,5 hours further up North to Salta, which is the capital of the Province of Salta. Salta is a nice and clean city. It is not affected by the sugar cane production and is much more „touristy“ than Tucumán. Again, I had a wonderful homestay with Angel and Ana, two members of the Lutheran church congregation „Amigos de Jesú“ of Pastor David. I felt truly blessed with those wonderful families I could live with. In Argentina, I experienced so much love and affection like never in my life before. Love that healed my soul.

In Salta, I had many students for my basic and conversational classes in German and English. Again, during those classes we shared a lot more than just grammar rules and vocabulary. I could pray with one student, who was worried about family members. In my class of basic English it was wonderful to see, how well young and older students worked together, motivating and cheering each other up after a successfully pronounced phrase. We shared dreams, hopes, fears and beliefs. We were from different countries, had a different nationality, but during these moments we were just human beings, all equal. These were truly unforgettable and blessed moments.

In Salta, I had the opportunity to accompany Pastor David to several bible studies at private homes. Even though I could not always understand everything I read and heard in Spanish, I learned so much. I did ask and people told me and each other openly about their experiences with God and the topics of the bible.

For me, a new world opened up. I was raised in a Christian home and knew how to pray, but did not know much about the bible apart from what I had learned during confirmation classes. In those previous years in my stressful professional life I went to church regularly, but skipped bible study. In Argentina, I developed a new relationship to the bible and God’s word. In those weeks in Salta, I had the opportunity to talk a lot with Pastor David and his family, too, about life in general, about what it means to serve God and how this could be done.

These conversations lead me thinking about a new career path for when I was going back to Germany. I wanted to work with people, helping them out in difficult situations and tell them about how wonderful it is to walk with God in their lifes.

In July, finally, after 5,5 months, it was time for me to go back to my home country. I left with a happy and a sad eye. I had to leave behind so many dear friends and this made me sad, but I was looking forward to this new path in my life that God has shown me. And I am sure, it will not be the last time to visit Argentina. I will always love this wonderful country and their people. May God provide hope and good leaders who guide Argentina into a good future.

Well, what has happened since my arrival back in Germany. The first couple of weeks were hard. Germany is very burocratic and a couple of times I was so frustrated and very close to getting a ticket back to Argentina, but God was and is with me. I found a wonderful place to live with nice people and I am opening my own business next week doing exactly what God lead me to do. I will be working as an intercultural trainer helping foreign people to accomodate, who come to the Frankfurt area to live and work here. I will provide information and orientation and extend a helping hand.

Thanks to you,Gloria, all the wonderful people I met in Argentina, my hostfamilies, students and friends. God bless you!  I will never forget you and look forward to meeting you not before long again!”.