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Lorena says…

lorena is  our  voluntary, and she says:

I give thanks to the Lord for being able to have such valuable and diverse materials. These booklets have been accompanying me since Luján, where they were exhibited in a market and made that place a very special, friendly, and trustworthy one, and of course a thousand tears, pains, and memories which I treasure in my heart.

Today, I live in Castelli, Chaco, and I don’t have a market but with Gloria’s help the booklets keep accompanying me. After each service at church my daughters and I exhibit the booklets, and many young people from the congregation request materials. We also offer them at the clothes fair on Mondays and especially at the 25th of May fair where the Ladies’ Guild offer home made goods. On this opportunity we exhibited the booklets and 20 requests and contacts were made. In addition, a year ago when Seminary students came to visit us, we handed out, door to door, the booklets “Caresses for the soul” and “Strength for difficult times” in Lomitas, Formosa, where about 50 families received us very kindly and gave information for a survey and were of course very grateful for the booklet they received for free. We also left booklets at the local radio, where the presenter agreed to read a small portion every Saturday on the program. She was also very grateful and expects more material.

Our next idea is to carry out a Family Day, where we could hand out a booklet as a gift, and of course have our stand during the event once again.

These materials are very good and greatly accepted by everyone.

I was able to use them inChile, and today they are the main tool to make new contacts.

Of course we receive rejection, challenges, disdain and distrust when we try to contact people! But this does not matter, the people that are happy and the families that are blessed with these booklets are many more, and these are the ones I choose.

Thank you, because they are a tool, as many others may be, but I wish to share my gratitude, on behalf of all the people I was able to share the Gospel with, by different titles and booklets, but surely with the same essence and power in Jesus Christ.


                                                                                                          Lorena B. 

Representatives of the Ladies Guild of Bolivia visited us!


Ana María and Marcela participated at the XIII Ladies Guild Convention which took place in the city of Villaguay, in representation of the Ladies Guild of Bolivia.

In their quick visit through Buenos Aires, they found time to visit us at our office and we were able to share a pleasant and friendly moment.

Thank you, ladies, for the dedication in making the Lord’s mission grow in your country!

Congregation La Paz, of San Justo, celebrated its 50th Anniversary!


And CPTLN had the opportunity of sharing this celebration!

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We thank Pastor Enrique Franck for the invitation and for giving us the opportunity to be present.

May God richly bless our brothers in faith, and strengthen them in order to continue sharing the Lord’s Word in their community!