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Our new volunteer in Rosario city.

Sara Treves is a woman who participates at the congregation in the city of Rosario.

She was one of the participants at the ETS we held in the month of April. On that opportunity, she decided to become a volunteer and is now collaborating with the local pastor in the attention of the Rosario mission, until a missionary is placed in this city. She shares with us the work she is carrying out:

  • When I begin the task of opening the office, I do it singing a Hymn of praise to the Lord, which inspires me.
  • Then I pray to God asking him to send someone to this place who may be blessed by sharing verses from the Holy Bible, according to his/her need.
  • I see that everything is clean and tidy, and try to keep it that way.
  • I write different bible verses on the board on the sidewalk.
  • I write some of these on cardboard and hang them on the walls of the office.
  • I contact the referrals by phone to see how they are doing with the booklets they have taken and are reading.
  • On some opportunities, if the occasion requires it, I make specific prayers for the Holy Spirit to act, either by phone o during an office visit.
  • I pay attention to the people who stop to look at the shop window and talk with them so they can learn about the mission of Enfoque or what LHM means.
  • I invite them to come to the church services which take place at the Lutheran Church, I hand out calendars with the day and hour of the mentioned services: address, phone number, and name of the Pastor who represents us.
  • At each service or event that takes place at the Church there is a table with all of  LHM’s booklets.

We always mention during the announcements after the service, that the booklets are available to give to family members, friends, and neighbors, as well as to share the Gospel with others.

“When we carry out our duties with responsibility and love, we gain rights; for example, the right to be trusted in”

Sara Alicia Treves

Evangelistic Activity at Zona Oeste

Juan Pablo Lanterna, who is carrying out his year of practice at Hurlingham and Zona Oeste tells us:

Activities started on Saturday, May 21st, at 3:30 PM at the Padua Community Centerand ended at 6:30 PM.

During the afternoon, we handed out fliers to approximately 100 people. We offered a flier about the congregation, along with a CPTLN flier to order booklets. This is very positive, since we were able to contact people from around the neighborhood and these people now know about the activities we carry out at the Church, and in case of need, they can call us. In my opinion, this activity in the neighborhood was very significant. This is the second time we carry out this activity, and the neighbors are slowly getting to know us. We plan to continue doing this, and wait and see how our Lord leads us towards where we have to go.

3 other members from the congregation participated as well, who had taken part of the ELS course given by CPTLN some time ago.

We wish to thank Pastor Damián Fischer for allowing us to take part in this activity, and we hope to continue with this great task of sharing a message of hope with the neighbors of Zona Oeste.

Ready to begin …

Workshop in Tucumán

After our visit to the city of Salta, we went to the congregation in the Province of Tucumán.

On Sunday morning we shared a beautiful moment of brotherhood during the Service, and after a delicious barbecue, we were able to carry out the leadership workshop. It is worth mentioning that this group does not have at this moment a leader guiding them, but they still participated. They only receive visits from Pastor David Theys , who is in charge of the pastoral supervision at this place. It was very pleasing to see the commitment of these members who in spite of the difficulties have not lost the habit of gathering and growing in faith.

On Monday morning we were able to visit the bookshop and share ideas with the people in charge.

Without any doubt this was a great opportunity to get to know each other, grow, and give thanks for all the experiences God allows us to go through.

Thank you, Tucumán!


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