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Workshop in Salta city

On Saturday, May 7th, we found ourselves in the city of Salta to share an ETS workshop regarding the leadership of the laymen in the mission work.

It was very interesting to be able to share experiences with the participants. We all were very enriched and encouraged to continue with the task God has given us, to take “Christ to the Nations and the Nations to the Church”.

The congregation of Salta is a part of theMission in the Northwest of Argentina. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina has been performing this work here along with CPTLN for several years now.

We wish to congratulate the Missionary, Pastor David Theys, for the great work he is carrying out in this place.

We encourage the entire congregation, and especially its leaders to continue ahead, strengthening in faith and in brotherly love.

Thanks to everyone for the beautiful moments we were able to share. God bless you!

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In Christ alone…

...this is the power of Christ in me.

She is Marion…

Marion contacted us for the first time in February of this year. She is from Germany and is visiting our country in order to learn more about our culture. She wanted to carry out volunteer work and tried going to a Soup Kitchen, but when she found out that this was not possible, she contacted her church in Germany. Her Pastor then gave her our contact information and this is how she promptly contacted us. Here, were share her testimony:

What lead me to Argentina and why do I want to work as a volunteer?

Holding a Masters degree in business administration, I have been working in finance and banking for over half of my life. However, the work environment has changed very much and at the end of 2009 I had a physical and psychical breakdown followed by severe depression. I was hospitalized for two months and in total, I was sick for over one year. In the beginning, that was a desaster for me, because I had identified myself with my work, had received all the self confidence out of it.

However, looking back now, this breakdown was a blessing and the beginning of a new life for me. The hospital where I staid for two months had a Christian foundation and prayers in the morning, bible study and spiritual counseling  were part of the treatment. I had always been a Christian, but this time in the hospital changed the world for me. I started to understand, that God does not want me to live a life in despair in a job that I have never done with my whole heart, but that I have other talents that I could use and do that with my heart. During the time in the hospital my church family at  Trinity helped me a lot, as well. Pastor and his wife came to visit me, my choir prayed for me and other people of the congregation contacted me by Facebook or E-mail to encourage me.

I learned that I did not have to be ashamed for my “weakness”, but the contrary – this weekness was a new strength. Already during my illness, I had enrolled in a study program to become an intercultural trainer, which means to be able to train other people who want to understand other cultures better. I found out, that this was my true interest in life- working with other cultures, speaking foreign languages and connecting with people. In September of last year, I finished the program and I am now a certified intercultural trainer.

When I felt well again, I realized that I could not just go from one job to another and continue my life. I needed a break, a time where I could feel that I was healthy again and a time where I could forward some of the many good things I had received during my illness last year.

I prayed about it and talked it over with my pastor and close friends. Then I decided to spend half a year in Argentina, the country where my grandfather always wanted to go, study the language and do some voluntary work. I decided to quit my work, that had made me sick and give up my apartment in Frankfurt, as it was too expensive to keep. I donated quite a bid of my belongings as furniture or books and put the rest in storage. This is a situation of pure insecureness in every respect. One year ago, I could not have done that. Now I have the courage to do that.

I have been inArgentina for almost three weeks now. I am enjoying myself, but it is not all easy. I have to communicate in a different language, things work differently, I am not familiar with the location and so on. However, I am so grateful, God provides challenges, too, because so I can feel, that I am alive and healthy again and that I can deal with difficulties. I am never alone. He is always with me and this is such a comfort

(Thanks to our Lord,Marion was able to serve as a volunteer from April 11 until May 22 at our mission in the province of Tucuman, and since then she has been serving at the mission in Salta. She will be sharing her experience in both places later on.)

Concordia Seminary

May 1st is a very special day, not only because we celebrate Labor Day in Argentina, but because we also celebrate the day of our Concordia Seminary. CPTLN Foundation was invited to share this event with our stand. We spent a very pleasant day, sharing a precious moment of Worship and a delicious lunch. During the afternoon, a photo exposition took place, and games were organized for the children. At our stand, we were able to talk with many people who purchased out materials and learned more about our programs.

It is always pleasant to share and celebrate another anniversary with the protection of our Savior, Jesus Christ!