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Let us listen to His Word

During the morning of April 16th, we found ourselves in the city of Mar del Plata.

In this city, a District Youth Gathering was carried out on beautiful premises during the weekend. Youth fromBuenos Aires and Cordoba participated in this gathering.

Under the theme “Let us listen to His Word”, the subject “How to receive advice”, guided by Pastor Enio Sieves, allowed us reflect on how we are influenced by the advice other people give us, who has authority to give us advice and who does  not, that there is good advice and bad advice, but the most important thing is to learn to distinguish advice according to what the Bible teaches us.

We shared different times, of recreation, sports, good food, campfire, and tents, with rain and all, making these two days an unforgettable experience.

Blessings to all those who took part of this gathering!!!


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Equipping the Saints – Rosario city

On Saturday, april 9 , we had the opportunity to share this day with our volunteers from the city of Rosario.

Bibiana, María, Patricia, Juan, Sara, Esperanza and Mario took part of a training session offered by Cristo para Todas las Naciones under the name “Equipping the Saints”. During this meeting we were able to share time together and enjoy richening experiences. We remembered the importance of sharing “the Good News of Jesus” with others and that we are all called to be His witnesses. We analyzed the possibilities a city as large as Rosario offers us and which are the local resources we count on to carry out this task.

We hope we were able to provide another grain of sand, so that more people fromRosario may be reached and hear the message of Hope given by Jesus Christ.

Thanks to all of them, for their participation and cordiality!