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They visited at our offices…

On March 23rd, Reverend Nilo Figur, our Advisor four Latin America and the Caribbean, visited us at our offices.

It was a great pleasure to have him here with us, because Nilo always has words of encouragement and his advice and ideas are always very interesting and productive.

On this opportunity, his visit coincided with the visit of Reverend James E. Fandrey, Executive Director of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation, a Foundation which has published Luther’s Catechism in over 50 languages.

During the past decade, LHF has published over 450 titles and distributed 3,000,000 books for pastors, seminary students, missionaries and churches – all of this free of charge for them.

Rev. Fandrey shared a morning with us, during which we had the chance to talk and show him the activities we carry out in our country. Rev. Fandrey was very interested in our work and expressed the possibility of supporting some of our projects in a near future.

We are very happy and grateful for the time we were able to share together, because experiences like these allow us to see how God guides us in our work.

We also wish for our Lord to bless and guide both Pastor Nilo and Rev. James and their organizations.

Cooperation Agreement with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina

The 79th Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina took place in the city ofSanta Elena(Entre Ríos) between March 25 and 27.

This Assembly counted with the participation of representatives from all over the country, and also from foreign countries, among others, Rev. James Fandrey (Executive Director of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation), Dr. Albert B. Collver,(Assistant President of the Missouri Synod ) and Rev.Theodore Krey (LCMS World Mission Regional Director for Latin America and theCaribbean). Therefore, we had the opportunity to share our work with them.

The discussion and approval of a “Cooperation Agreement between the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina and Lutheran Hour Ministries (known as Cristo para Todas las Naciones in Argentina) was a very important moment for us. This agreement will allow us to strengthen even more the bonds between both institutions with the purpose of improving our work together.

Signing the Cooperation Agreement

Additionally, on this occasion, the Church Assembly had the task of choosing a new President for the next four years. Pastor Carlos Nagel, was chosen in these elections, and we wish to congratulate him and may God bless him greatly in this new position.

With the President and his wife

The images above show some other moments of this event: