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Visit to “Open Hearts”

During the month of December, we had an opportunity to visit the Community Association “Open Hearts” together with Pre-school and Elementary School authorities from the Concordia Institute.



Each day, this Association makes lunch for almost 900 people, most of whom are children. We were able to see how they are treated with so much love and dedication, receiving not only a meal but also love and kindness.

This meal center offers not only food, but also other additional services so that the children may have equal cultural and social opportunities, encouraging them to participate in different workshops and recreational activities.


On this occasion we were able to give them a food donation collected by the Institute, and on behalf of CPTLN, we shared our story “A Christmas Mystery” with the children”. This way, it was our intention to give them a complete gift: for the body and soul.



We also shared our calendar with the people who work at this place, to accompany them every day in their noble and selfless work.


We wish to congratulate all the people that make it possible for the meal center to open every day, specially the founders, and we hope to stay in touch throughout this year, so we can share once more our message of Hope with them.






































Las Lomitas

We share this experience with you from Juan José Castelli, in the province of Chaco, which was organized an activity which used our materials  in “Las Lomitas”

Las Lomitas is located in west central 300 km of Formosa City . Its climate is humid and abundant rainfall allowing grow  large amounts of vegetation, which can be highlight the quebracho, palo santo and urunday.

The city is located 100 meters above sea level and a population of 12,000.

“A journey began a few years ago with the contact of a family from the congregation that went to live to Las Lomitas. It did not take much time for God to show both his hands filled with thousands of blessings.

When we arrived the family told us that the children go to a day-time orphanage with two shifts, where all the children go after school. They have been dedicated to this beautiful task where they provide academic support, sewing and gardening workshops, and the children that go to school in the morning have lunch there, meanwhile the children that go to school in the afternoon have a snack. Volunteer mothers prepare these meals and homemade bread every day.

It was a pleasure to meet them and they received us very well. After talking with the person in charge (a woman who dedicated her whole life to this work) we decided to celebrate Children’s Day on the following Saturday. On that opportunity we met a teacher who had shown interest in the Lutheran Church, and we also met Sofía a Lutheran who lived a block away from the orphanage (God makes the task of reuniting his herd easier!!!)

We also had the opportunity to go to the radio and offer materials for daily lectures. Everything was in order to return the following Saturday with the group of Seminary students.

We arrived during the morning with the intention of delivering the booklets “Caresses for the soul” and “Strength for Difficult Times” door by door, according the need of each home. Each group (of 2 people) was in charge of a different street in the neighborhood around the family. It was a blessed day and we all returned very happy to have lunch and of course nobody was able to complete their streets.

Two people went especially to Sofia’s house, and it was a very emotive moment when we presented ourselves as members of the Lutheran Church. Her mother is a member of El Colorado, at about 200 km., where the congregation has a monthly activity, and she happened to be visiting that day. We invited them to a Bible study that day at 7 pm.

At three o’clock we had the activity at the orphanage. Children began to arrive, and activities started. Diego, a local artist, played the guitar along with Robert, singing beautiful songs in a very sweet way. Afterwards, a movie was shown: “Jesus for Children”, the kids paid attention and made spontaneous comments. We had games and songs, candy and laughter; teachers and parents accompanied us, and received a booklet each. They said goodbye very thankfully, with hugs and kisses. The day had been very blessed, too much, it seemed, but we still had the Bible study at seven pm. Sofia and her mother arrived at the house and along with the Seminary students and the family, we sang together and shared a Bible study. We invited Ana (Sofia’s mother) to the service the following Sunday at El Colorado.

We plan on returning with the course “Moving Towards a New Life” once a month. We trust in God and have our eyes open, seeking the path to share His Gospel joyfully in distant places of the country.”

We thank the Lord in first place, and CPTLN, and the Seminary.

Pastor Juan Carlos Nowak

Northern Parrish,

Juan José Castelli – Chaco

Family´s day

On October 9th, I had the privilege of sharing a wonderful afternoon along with people from “La Concordia” congregation and first to third grade students of the Concordia Institute, and the children’s parents.

We carried out different activities under the motto “Family”.

During the afternoon everyone played games, including parents and children, or whoever else wanted to play. We were able to spend a pleasant time together, talking and drinking mate (a typical Argentinean beverage).

CPTLN Foundation was also present that day with a stand offering several materials related to current issues and family topics. Many people approached the stand requesting booklets, feeling identified with the topics. Some also commented on how useful the booklets are.

It was truly a very nice afternoon, and we all enjoyed the time spent together, and also had the chance to listen to the Word of the Lord.

Thank you God, for allowing us to be your servants!


Cristian Sept.

CPTLN volunteer.

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