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Text Messaging

This work method has always been of great satisfaction for both those who send the text messages as for those who receive them. We know this due to the answers that we receive, although there is always someone, every now and then, that shows his rebelliousness towards God.

Even so, due to the positive answers we receive from so many people, and because of the comments made from those who are in charge of the texting, we continue with this task, with the certainty that it produces a positive effect in people’s lives. I will share a few cases; I sent the following text message: “The existence of a problem is a signal that we must make some changes in our lives. But do not feel afraid, God is always there to help you find the way out.” And some of the answers we received were: “Pastor, thank you very much, I believe that God puts the right words in my mind every time I fall. God bless you and your family.” Roberto. Another response: “David, thank you for always being by my side. I am going through a rough moment, my wife left me and it’s been two weeks since I’ve last seen my daughter.” José Luis. Something very interesting regarding this last message is that I sent the same text message to his wife, and two days later she called to tell me about her situation and to ask for pastoral counseling. We are now working with both of them to reunite this couple, under Christ.

Rev. David Theys

Community “Friends of Jesus”

Salta – Argentina


In the Bible´s month

During September, the month of the Bible, the congregation “La Concordia” of the city of José León Suárez gave a wood cross for each classroom of the “Concordia Institute”, as a symbol of Christian faith. They also gave out CPTLN material to each student: “This is what Lutherans believe and teach”, for them to share with their families. We are very happy and thankful for this new opportunity to share the Lord’s Word with the families of our community.

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