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ELS in “La Concordia”

On July 31st, the second part of the ELS training took place at “La Concordia” congregation, in José León Suárez, province of Buenos Aires. There were 16 participants in this event, and all of them came with great expectations and enthusiasm, wanting to take part of this training, to be better prepared to collaborate in their congregation.

Many of them were also interested in joining some of the different programs CPTLN offers, such as text messaging and distribution of booklets.

Welcome to our team!!

A letter …

We share below a letter received by our volunteers in the city of Salta. It was sent by Mr. Roberto Luna, and it states:

“In permanent search of spiritual guidance, as well as guidance for my path in life, the booklets have been of great use.

These materials have also been very helpful for the college education of my daughter María Elena, due to its valuable contents.

It would be a great pleasure to continue to receive them, especially if Mrs. Susana Rodríguez, would continue to deliver them, with her generous predisposition.

Due to all of this, I reaffirm that the materials I have received have been of great help for our lives.

We wish you Happy Holidays, with God’s blessing, for all who are part of the Foundation. “

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Salta city , the people and the missionary.

About to the love…

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10

Mr. Gabriel and Mrs. Encarnación had been married for over 50 years. Everyone could see in their eyes the love they had for each other. If someone asked them what moment had marked their lives, they both agreed that their first kiss by the river was the signal of love and the seal of the love pact that still lasted among them.

One day Mrs. Encarnación died suddenly and it was very painful for Mr Gabriel to lose the love of his life. For a long time he asked God in prayer why this had happened, if she still had so much to live.

Even Mr. Gabriel, as he misses his wife so much that it brings tears to his eyes, has learned to live with the pain, because he has received the comfort from whom loves him eternally, God.

When we ask ourselves where God is during times of suffering and death, we must be sure that he is with us, holding us and giving us strength. Because God has eternal love for each and every one of us.

Even though the rupture produced by sin gave us a destiny of death; God has not walked away from our reality. In his eternal love, God approaches man, dressing in humanity in Jesus Christ. Jesus said “I have come so that they may have life and have it abundantly”. This full life that he offers us had a high price: Jesus himself suffered individualism, resentment and death, consequences of our sins, mine and yours, to change our destiny for that of full life.

God is who has given you the gift of life and the motivation to commit with other peoples lives, because he has committed first with your life, giving his life on the cross, so that you would have life in abundance. Do you enjoy this immense present that he gives you?

Lord, accompany us in every moment of our lives. Hold us in times of anguish and allow us to live every day in your love.

Valeria Bustamante.

Valeria is currently working at the Administrative Center of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina. She is also the leader of a mission project that is being developed in a poor neighborhood in the province of Buenos Aires.

Spirit Driven… in Omaha!

We join hundreds of other Christians in Omaha , Nebraska, July 22-25, for the 93rd Annual International Convention  of the  International Lutheran Laymen´s League and its Lutheran Hour Ministries. It was a precious time we shared.

On July 23, we had a Region Meeting with Hot Breakfast , and  to share with our partners about the work in our countries. Thank you, God,  for all!!

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