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Our new volunteer… reached us through Facebook!

Doris accepted us as a contact and right away our relationship began, which grew in commitment and dedication. First, by sharing optimism through her comments. Later, by accepting the challenge of the “Text Message” Program. It is great to know that she is there, unconditionally, giving us great pleasure with her letters, like the one we share below:

Hello Ingrid, and through you hello to all CPTLN brothers!

It is also a pleasure for me to greet you and meet you… today through this letter! As it is also a great pleasure for me to join the “Text Message of Hope” Program. I have been a Bible School teacher at my congregation for almost 30 years, and sharing God’s Word has been a blessing God has given me, and he now renews it through your project. We are also trying to publish some things in the nice Facebook pages our Church and the Church of Chile have. This has honestly been a surprise for me, because what I least expected was to have a new opportunity to do this, and especially through these new communication media, that are only partially familiar to me. I have only used Internet at my job, I am starting to get used to the computer and cel phone, but God is GREAT!!! And He uses us at the times and in ways we least expect!!!!

Regarding the list I sent of the people that are receiving your text messages… well, it was really not hard work. I have worked in an office for many years, I have been working at the local municipality for 31 years (I’m about to retire!!!), I always worked in the accounting area and for over 20 years I have been the responsible of salaries, social security, life insurance, and all kinds of procedures. Because of this, making lists with lots of information has been a part of my every day work!!!… So I found that sending you a list of my contacts was really simple. I would also like to receive materials for my contacts… I might be able to share them also with other people I know and who are going through rough times, like sickness, loss of loved ones, single mothers, loneliness, and also for the two people who were interested in the program, as well as any other material that can be useful for a woman living in “today’s world”. As you can see, I chose 8 women as my contacts, all of them for a “special” reason, besides being very dear people to me, I would love to “help them” with the materials you can offer me.

Always willing to be of help to you and our Lord Jesus Christ, I send you my love. I ask God to bless the work you are carrying out and I thank you for the opportunity of working with you to serve God!!… A hug

Thank you Doris! We know you’re heart and hands are always ready to serve the Lord!!!

Mission of Salta City

On last Monday, May 3rd, Pastor David Belizán Theys and Mr. Samuel Yañuk came to our office. They both live in the city of Salta. There, they are carrying out a great mission project. They distribute CPTLN’s material and other kinds of literature through a bookshop, with the purpose of sharing a message of love and hope with other people.

On this opportunity, we were able to talk and plan for new projects that we hope will be of great benefit for all the people of that beautiful city.

We encourage them to continue working, counting with our support and surely the support from many people that are willing to contribute to continue transforming lives.

Salta City

We received visit in our office…

A few days ago we received a pleasant visit from one of our volunteers, Mr. Otto Baus, at our office. We were able to spend a nice time with him, and talk about past experiences and new projects.

It is always nice to be in touch with people like him, who generously and selflessly work for other people’s well-being.

Thank you Otto, for being with us!!!!