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We share a letter that we received at our office. It was sent by Mr. Rubén Otero. Rubén is one of this office’s contacts. He is a Christian and often asks for materials to share with other people.

“…I hope everything continues well in the Lord’s work. Dear sister Ingrid, something beautiful happened to me, the lady that was involved in spiritualism came to my house and she gave herself to the Lord, she came to the foot of the cross, thanks to last years calendar and the explanations. I thank God for his Holy Spirit, who allowed my words to enter her heart, and she said to me… “Ruben, are you a pastor?” I answered that I wasn’t, but that God is my pastor and is in my heart…”

We were touched and felt very happy because of this testimony. We hope God will continue to send many people like Rubén willing to share the message of Salvation.