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Liliana Merthins is a member from the congregation of Bahía Blanca, province of Buenos Aires. There she carry’s out arduous and constant missionary work. Liliana has been a CPTLN volunteer for several years now. Together with Mrs. Elba Reiner (also a volunteer), they use and distribute Enfoque’s materials at every opportunity they have.

But her service goes far beyond the simple task of sharing a pamphlet. Liliana never stays still: she participates in training courses and workshops, she goes to conferences, she meets with NGO directives in order to develop projects together, she travels here and there to gatherings, social events, etc. She carry’s out most of her work in General Cerri, a nearby locality. There she concentrates on social work combined with evangelization through the use of CPTLN’s materials.

Here we share some of the testimonies, comments and projects, that our dear Liliana periodically sends us by e-mail.

“…as every year, we were invited to the military – civic parade at the Nº 14 School to participate with a stand. We put together the stand with the material we have. Yesterday we made 11 register cards, and 3 children asked for the course “A Father like no other”…”

“… today we had the clothes sale in Cerri. Approximately 20 persons came, we made 9 register cards (5 new). They requested: 9 pamphlets, 2 “Jesus found me”, 1 New Testament, 2 children’s courses and one adult course from CPTLN…”

“…we are praying a lot, there are many ill, people who have been in accidents, we go to hospitals, they ask us to visit them at home. I just arrived from the Nº 60 School; the Principal asked us to do a clothes sale; they have many needs there, we will see if we can also spread the Seed with Enfoque’s pamphlets…”

“… This Friday at the Nº 60 school on Humboldt street, by the Principals request we will take CPTLN materials (we have already spoken with Beatriz). We will need some pamphlets: Addiction, Alcoholism, Sexual Abuse, Single Mothers, and Abortion… Come fight the battle of faith, not with army or sword, but with his Holy Spirit. Let us pray…”

“… we just arrived from Mayo park, where we have a stand. We didn’t go yesterday because it rained all afternoon, but today was a beautiful day! In the morning we had Service in Cerri, we also visited an older couple from Cerri. Early in the afternoon we went to the park and distributed 6 pamphlets. We were invited to the FM Latina 89.1 radio program “Beyond differences” by a lady named Gladys Nuñez. She took a pamphlet, “Disability” (…) we have made contact with 700 students from the Nº 60 School with a talk about addictions. In the 1st trimester of 2010 we are planning to screen “In favor of women, against abortion” with an NGO called ProLife. In the 2nd trimester we will screen against Addictions and in the 3rd against Family Violence. Along with other proposals that come up unexpectedly, meetings almost every Friday at the city Council with other organizations…”

“…we would like to program for 2010 a workshop or seminar here in Bahia Blanca, focusing mainly on what CPTLN is, how it is tied to the missionary work, if we can have testimonies of changes in people through this ministry, how it is organized locally and worldwide… the idea is that this would be open to public, to promote this ministry, to involve more volunteers in Bahia Blanca…”

“…We were sharing the Bible in Cerri, with my husband on Sunday. In the afternoon at the stand in the park in Bahia Blanca, Elba commented to me that a girl that had contacted CPTLN sat behind her in the service that Sunday, and Elba spoke to her (…) CPTLN is an agent of change and transformation in peoples lives, it is a ministry with a vision of the Kingdom; God’s Kingdom must be united to conquest Nations and Continents for Christ. CPTLN is a jewel, a precious diamond in God’s Kingdom that must strengthen, for God’s honor and glory. Let us ask the Creator to show us his designs, strategies, creative ideas… we must impact the society, mostly the youth, the largest, most disoriented group, that will lead  future generations… we live in accelerated times, let’s plan with anticipation, now!!…”

A Christmas program

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A Christmas program took place on Sunday, December 21st in the congregation “La Concordia”, city of José León Suárez. Many children from the Concordia Institute participated in the program.

Once the event ended, the parents approached CPTLN’s stand where they received a story book, “The mystery of Christmas”, for their children.

It was wonderful to be able to share such a special message with them!


During the month of November, I had the opportunity to go to the city of Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe, and visit the Mission that works in that place.

There I met with Francois and his beautiful family. We were able to talk about the work he is developing, the contacts, the city, the material, the resources and the communication media they are using to contact people. We evaluated a change of strategies that will permit him to optimize the work. He has big projects focused toward schools and hospitals. It was very interesting for me to have shared that time with him.

God has great plans for the mission in Rosario. He has, to begin with, a dedicated and faithful servant. Let us pray for him, so that God give him every day the strength and the wisdom necessary to be his witness, and share the message of hope with other people.

Gloria B. Tolisano

CPTLN´s Manager

Francois and your family

Francois and Gloria