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Merry Christmas

It is our prayer that God

will grant you and all those you love,

a blessed Christmas as we ponder

the birth of our Saviour.

A very important collaborator

María Asunción was born in Barcelona, Spain. She has been living in the city of Crespo, in the province of Entre Rios, for 15 years now. Since she arrived here, she has always enjoyed CPTLN’s materials, for personal use and especially for her family. These days she is a very important collaborator here in Argentina.

A few days ago, in an interview she gave, we asked her what satisfactions did she find distributing our materials, and she answered “many, uncountable”. Being able to be in touch with people with different needs, enter their homes, with the certainty that the materials are excellent and that they contain what so many people need.

She encourages people to use these materials and work as volunteers for CPTLN.

If you would like to meet María Asunción, enter our blog:


“Changing Fears”

Have you ever noticed that angels, especially around Christmas time, sound like a record that is stuck?

When the angel visits with Zacharias, he begins, “Fear not.” When Gabriel makes the announcement to Mary, he says the same. Months later when the angels appear to the Bethlehem shepherds, their spokesman begins, “Fear not.”

Maybe the angels, having watched over us for millennia, know something about us; maybe they know we sinners spend an awful lot of time being afraid.

Many, many years ago, when I was a child, I was afraid. Probably those fears were very much like yours. Were you petrified of things that go bump in the night, the shadows that move in the twilight, the monsters we thought were hiding in the closet, or under our beds? Thankfully, we all were pretty sure those monsters couldn’t get us as long as we were wrapped in our blankets and sheets.

Sadly, there were no such barriers for life’s later, ever-morphing fears.

What protection can there be when you are afraid of what your friends might say about the way you dress or what strangers might think about the way you comb your hair? What safety can be found against the fear that says you’re not a very good parent, boss, friend, etc.?

And now that I’m older another set of fears have come knocking at my door.

Life’s like that, isn’t it? You banish one set of fears and another comes in to take their place. Now I’m not suggesting my fears are yours, but I do believe we all have those pet terrors, such as worries about health problems, finances, friends, family, or our spouse.

Those fears are real.

But so are the words of the angel: “Fear not.” So those angels could say those words and mean them is why Jesus was born, why He lived, died, and rose. Because of what the Savior has successfully accomplished, our fears — though real — will never have the last word.

We no longer have to fear because in Jesus we have good news of great joy! We have a Savior, Christ the Lord.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord Jesus, I believe, help my unbelief. Through Your victory over sin, death, devil, and human nature, I am redeemed. Now, when my fears start showing up, let the Holy Spirit lift up my eyes, so I can see You — and not my fears. In Your Name. Amen.

A special story …

Germán, a man 28 years old, who is a prisoner at the Penitentiary Unit of Junin de los Andes. We don’t know exactly the motive why he is in jail, nither how long he has to stay there. What we know is that Germán has been reached by the Holy Ghost of God, that his heart was touched and moved to know the Gospel, to search and desire to learn more about the Word as well to grow in the Christian Faith.

Germán heard the advertisement of CPTLN on a local radio, and decided to get in touch, the first time was in February this year… he had no interest in the material, but to be heard, oriented and recive what he was searching so much: guidence to the Word of God and spiritual growth. We contacted the nearest Pastor and through him we handed to Germán the first part of the course “To a new life.” Through the visits he was introduced in the study of the Word. During some months he was visited and oriented, having long and deep conversations. But since some time ago the pastor left this place of work and has not been replaced. Due to it Germán took up during this month the contact with the office in Buenos Aires. So he is advancing in the Bible course, completed the third book, which was corrected by phone in October. We hope that we can count soon with somebody that may visit him personaly. Today we are the only contact he has with the exterior, since he ist very far away from his family and friends. Meanwhile we are sending him the next part of the course with the idea to continue accompany him by phone. We pray much for him, and plea that God will continualy be with him in his integral rehabilitation.