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Visit the day home

 The 23rd of December we went to share some candy and some materials from  LHM  with a day home that is from the “Happy Children” foundation. This incentive for this project came from our gentleman’s group in the congregation of Villa Ballester. They made the important contacts to share in an afternoon activity and snack with 60 children.

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Collaborating also with the youth of the congregation of San Pedro, we brought gifts. We are thankful to all who made it possible that the children could have a gift to remind them of the greatest gift that God gave us in His own son.

Night of the temples

foto-0004With the success of “Night of the museums,” the government of the city of Buenos Aires held a “Night of the Temples” on the 17th of December. From the 19th until 2 in the morning, one could visit 50 different temples to learn more about their beliefs.


In this time we were present with a stand in the congregation of San Pablo in Belgrano. From that location we were able to share with 75 people who visited our folder on “What do Lutherans believe and teach.”


We presented historical videos of our church, different versions of the Bible, and had a talk about the 500 years of the Reformation.


They are activities that are an opportunity to share our faith in the one truth, that is Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


“Defeating the giants”

Through the Joel project, we came to school number 686 Arroyito, Misiones. There, 21 children were able to learn about biblical history “
based on 1st Samuel 17:1-50. It was a wonderful experience with the children of the the 5th grade, who spoke of how to face the giants of disobedience, annoyances, fights, ect. always with the help of God. Thanks to the teacher; Verónica, for allowing us to work with these children!

Visiting Santa Rosa

We would like to share our visit to the city of Santa Rosa (capital of the provence of Pampa) with everyone. Pastor Ewado Beckmann lives near there, who was the CPTLN director in Argentinadscn2434 between 1970-1986. Pastor was invited especially to celebrate our 70th anniversary in Buenos Aires last July. He could not come however due to health problems. Due to this, we have been left with goals of holding a public recognition for his work over many years with our ministry. Therefore, Sunday, the 11th of September after worship, our chaplain was able to recognize and honor pastor Beckmann in front of his congregation, friends and family. It was a joyful moment for everyone. It was a great surprise for him and he remains very thankful for those moments lived. We pray God continue to be with this faithful worker.